Still exposed

I’m never far away from the hardship of what has been life. Not knowing I had Cerebral Palsy, let alone dealing with its many symptoms, meant that I was continually being exposed.

The more something is ignored and driven underground, the more that thing becomes exposed in other ways. Now, through the Diary, the platform I have created for myself is exactly the exposure I needed to find my voice.

My website allows me to talk about things, so things are out in the open. So, my thoughts are no longer having to be driven underground. Waiting in the wings for all those years, unbeknown to me, the universe has now given me a voice.

Away from the Diary, my disability is still exposed sadly, because it is never mentioned or asked about, unless I bring it up, but if I happen to mention something about my symptoms, it is at least acknowledged. That’s progress.

5 Jan, 2018

2 thoughts on “Still exposed

  1. I can see easily your progress over the years. So much so that I am regularly exposed to your self assurance; I’m pretty comfortable with that.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, perhaps one cancels the other out and perhaps looking at and homing in on this particular issue, is something I need to finally accept.

      Yes, I think my self-assurance comes through living inside my head for as many years as I did. I talked myself through so much as a child, but at the time I just wasn’t aware that is what I was doing.

      I’m pleased you’re comfortable with my self-assurance. I’m comfortable with being self-assured, not in a way that boasts or brags, but enough to allow us to work through our issues together.

      To find the answers we need to basically function in our lives.

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