Stress relief

It’s no wonder with our busy lifestyles we let stress in. We take less time for ourselves than we ever have, always on the move. With a healthier lifestyle you too can find ways to reduce stress.

These are my top tips to help with stress relief, in no specific order:

  • Switch off your mobile phone, or your computer regularly so that you’re not mentally connected to the outside world;
  • Learn to live presently in the moment so that you’re connecting with loved ones and switch off your phones;
  • Learn how to relax, listen to music, practice yoga, or meditate;
  • Make sure you’re eating well balanced meals, and eat healthy energy-boosting snacks between meals;
  • Make sure you’re in a good sleep routine and that you get and maintain your quota of sleep;
  • Go to bed at a reasonable time around the same time each night;
  • Limit your caffeine and alcohol intake so you’re not reliant on either;
  • Maintain a positive attitude so that you’re thinking about and living a more positive life;
  • Remember that not everything is within your reach or control and that’s okay;
  • Take exercise, even if it’s a 10-minute walk;
  • Remember not everything has to be perfect;
  • Switch off electrical equipment at least an hour before bed;
  • Take a night time herbal tea before bed;
  • Take deep breaths if you’re struggling with anxiety or stress. Inhale and exhale slowly.

Lifestyle plays a big part in stress and stress levels. The more you learn to simplify your life the less stress you will carry. If you deal with anxiety or you’re a worrier, think about your triggers.

Finally, talk about what you deal with, because talking helps.

21 Jul, 2019

4 thoughts on “Stress relief

  1. Stress relief isn’t something that I know a whole lot about, since I grew up in a world where that consisted of getting drunk and/or taking a lot of pills.

    I think my girlfriend got a little upset when I made the mistake of saying that my life right now is boring, but I meant it as compared to my old life.

    I’m not quite used to so much peace and quiet, plus I don’t have a car right now so there isn’t much I can do outside of the house.

    DBT has helped a lot, as far as helping me stay in the moment. I have sleep apnea which doesn’t help as far as getting a good night’s sleep, but it’s something that I know I can work on changing.

    Just so many changes but in very good ways, so I can work on reducing my stress levels and have a peaceful life.

    1. In that case Randy, I also do boring well. I wouldn’t have it any other way, because I get to control how I live my life.

      When it comes to family, there will always be expectations placed upon us and in our relationships too. But that shouldn’t matter. We need to control the shots.

      We can control the shots more than we think we can. It is important for you to stand back and decide what you want and work towards that end.

      I am pleased DBT is helping you stay in the moment Randy. It’d be good to keep it up and that will help with stress and help you find stress relief.

  2. Im sure we could all do with some stress relief and your suggestions are all really sensible long-term solutions to our stress levels.

    Short term it can be as simple as stopping what you’re doing and go for a walk.

    1. Thank you. I would definitely advocate anyone taking time out for ten minutes to go for a walk. It is important we all take a step back to think about our lives and the amount of stress we let in.

      We all really must do more to make sure we’re handling our mental health okay. I am pleased you like my suggestions.

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