Stressful times

Stressful days are inevitable. We don’t escape them, instead we must endure them. Although I don’t always have a resolve on some of my issues, I’d like to think I work through my stress reasonably well.

Even though stress is inevitable, we don’t always realise how much energy we use, what we put ourselves through mentally and emotionally, and how much we may struggle with our health as a result.

Unless we have a good support system in place, where we have others we can rely on, we may always struggle with stress. We’re not born knowing. For anyone dealing with stress, please know that you’re not alone.

31 May, 2017

8 thoughts on “Stressful times

  1. We all have stress to deal with, some much more than others and it can quickly take its toll and make us ill.

    I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t subject to stress, usually brought about by someone else’s actions and often unnecessary. It seems to be an inevitable consequence of modern life and relationships.

    I am better at recognising the signs of stress and of coping, particularly if that stress comes in from others. I refuse to own it.

    1. Yes, it’s absolutely right not to own another person’s issues or stress, but almost difficult to remove ourselves from the stress they give us and not move that stress on to someone else through our behaviour.

      I have seen how stress impacts our emotions and how another person’s stress can make us more stressed even though we think unconsciously and consciously we’re coping.

      It’s important not to own stress, but difficult to deal with sometimes, particularly other people’s. The key is to make sure that we don’t pass that stress on. Some of us don’t realise we’re doing it, but we are.

  2. It would be nice if I could flick a switch and turn off my brain long enough to reset to a stress free cycle.

    More realistically though, I need to find that peace spot inside of me and quiet my anxiety, permanently.

    1. Great advice Tim. Yes, hmmm a peace spot. Is that ever realistically possible? Thinking out loud, I think it is. I think it all depends on how we manage and perceive our issues and stress.

      If we all took control and remembered to be conciliatory, we’d all find and have more peace, even in stressful times. Stress isn’t just about the issues we deal with, it’s often how we tackle our stress.

      I have no problem tackling my own stress, I’ve had enough experience over the years to understand the concept and deal with stress, my stress comes from others who insist on creating more stress. More stress than we have to have.

  3. Thanks for reminding me that I’m not alone in dealing with stress! Most of it in my life seems to be other people’s issues that affect me, seeing as I’m involved with them in one way or another.

    I happen to be living with someone who is ‘don’t worry, be happy attitude gets on my nerves, seeing as there are things that you do have to worry about, like having oil in the motor of your car. Things happen like they tend to seize up eventually, which happened to one of her cars that I fought so desperately to keep alive, to no avail.

    I grew up with parents who didn’t worry about a lot of things like that, so we ended up having to be the adults who worried about those things. Therefore I tend to worry about things that my girlfriend calls silly things to worry about, seeing as it was a matter of survival. You don’t just get over things like that which she can’t fathom, seeing as she didn’t grow up in my world.

    She grew up not knowing what it was like to go hungry or wonder what state I would be waking up in tomorrow. Stress for me isn’t a very good thing seeing as it’s what I’m used to, but my body is also paying for it now. Things like I heard described recently as cortisol bloat, which comes from constant stress and what I believe I’m having to deal with.

    Those stress chemicals are only meant for short time use in the body, not long term! This is why people get to my age and drop dead of heart attacks because the body just can’t handle living on them.

    I just think of it as what happens when they inject too much nitrous oxide into a car’s motor and eventually they tend to explode violently. Something like that will eventually happen to my girlfriend, seeing as she seems to like to help people who refuse to help themselves.

    You just can’t fix people who don’t want to be fixed, even as much as you may want to. I have to work so hard to keep my stress level down to a dull roar, which is very difficult when you live with a person who also likes to throw gas on the fire.

    The reality is that we’re at opposite ends of the stress spectrum and possibly shouldn’t be together but 11+ years together proves that we tried.

    1. Thanks, yes some (not all) relationships are like comfort blankets. They’ve been around for so long, it’s hard to know what to expect after the relationship fizzles out.

      We’re also afraid of taking the plunge and therefore stay for the long haul until the other person calls time. It’s still all stress of course.

      Stressful times will always be with us, there’s no getting away from those, but I believe there are things we can do to reduce stress, how we get to deal with our stress and with whom.

  4. Thank you Ilana for that beautiful reminder! I was pondering what was wrong the other day, why I was so down and couldn’t put my finger on it. It took me a few days and this morning.

    The world’s ugliness and wickedness and evil is getting to me big time. I try to ignore and look at what and who’s in front of me, but the reminder of this world and the way it’s going, is too difficult to shrug off. I pray,

    God I pray, for some light to come into this darkness, that I feel is consuming me. I know the world has always been this way, history will show that, but…

    1. Thanks Bonnie. I know you’re not alone in your thoughts. We only have to turn on the News and we’re looking at negativity.

      Things are getting way out of control and there is little evidence of responsibility through our respective Governments. A lot of passing the buck and throwing mud.

      Until we learn to put others first, become selfless in our task to get the job done, it looks like there will be more of the same and you’re right, it all adds to our already stressful lives.

      I think your last paragraph sums up your thoughts beautifully. I too pray for the day we see some light come into this darkness. The darkness is something I choose not to recognise. To recognise the darkness brings negativity.

      I only choose to remain positive.

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