Succumbing to illness

I’ve succumbed to illness again, which I’ve managed to avoid since Christmas, when my family became ill with cold & flu symptoms. A couple of days ago I woke up with a tickle in my throat with a build-up of phlegm that has now gone on to my chest.

As soon as I get a cold, the mucus goes straight to my chest, which I have difficulty expelling and that results in respiratory problems. This chronic illness has been a problem for me for 21 years. I am thankful for the supplements I take, but worry about the long-term implications of what I deal with.

This is the part of my life that is an unknown quantity, because I’m not sure about the damage that may have been caused through these health issues. It’s a reality I live with everyday.

21 Jan, 2014

8 thoughts on “Succumbing to illness

  1. So sorry your ill. I’ve been lucky for the past 3 years in not succumbing to any illness.

    I use to get ill quite often with chronic bronchitis or flu and it always scared me. I thought I was dying once with the flu; I’ll never forget that.

    I guess I’ve been more vigilant with staying away from crowds and washing my hands often since I’ve been caring for Brandon, because he has a low immune system. If he gets ill with respiratory issues we end up in the hospital every time.

    I hope you feel better soon. Keep up with the supplements, they are the best thing for you.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes I believe the supplements I take are the best thing for me, but they don’t work when I’m in this position. I think it’s because I have too many problems to deal with and my immunity is also low. It takes me a long time to recover.

      Looking forward to a time when I’m through all of this. I’m so pleased you’ve avoided becoming ill.

      It’s not something that is easily avoided though, when everyone around you is ill, particularly with something like the flu.

  2. It saddens me that you have taken ill; I wish you a speedy recovery.

    Please get plenty of physical rest and drink plenty of fluids to feed the cold away.

    You are in our thoughts.

  3. So sorry to hear about your respiratory problems.

    I too have the same problem of not being able to expel mucus. Colds go straight to my chest, lowered immunity is to blame here too. The best we can do is to take care of ourselves; get enough rest and wash our hands a lot.

    I tend not to touch my face after I shake hands with people that has worked for me for a bit, (usually I wash my hands after that so that I don’t introduce germs into my system).

    1. I’m so sorry for you too Maria. I know exactly how you feel, it’s so difficult to police when it’s happening. Great tips Maria.

      I’m continuing to work through my cold now and feeling slightly better. Thanks Maria.

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