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Today my mood seems to have gone downhill. I know what’s triggered the problem but cannot seem to resolve it.

It’s because I have never had the opportunities to go out into the world and experience for myself what my children are now benefiting from. That just wasn’t my life. The questions I’m beginning to ask now is when does a parent stop being a parent, or when does a parent start being a parent?

When might a parent choose not to concern themselves with being a parent? It’s funny because I am totally the opposite. I have always based my relationship with my children on honesty, openness and mutual respect – and being there.

I’m not sure how things will get easier, I have struggled for what seems like a lifetime, but I know my emotional difficulties and my lack of confidence have brought me to this place. My children have more confidence than me.

Until I can work through my issues, I suspect things will be back to wreak havoc again. I am going to have to make sure I continue to stay strong.

20 Mar, 2011

6 thoughts on “Support & parenting

  1. I think we stay parents forever. We never stop. My mom and dad were there for me anytime I needed them and my mom still is… and I’m here for my children even though they are in their 20’s and will be for their lifetime.

    Even when we’re gone we’re still parents I think. A parent is forever. Sorry you’re having these problems with your family. I hope things get better soon.

    1. Lisa anyone can be a parent. Giving birth to our children give us the title, but that doesn’t make a good parent; a supportive parent or loving parent.

      I am pleased you had that, but not everyone is lucky in that respect.

  2. I remember my Grandmother referring to my mother once as a kid. My mother at the time was over 40. I said something to my Grandmother about it and she said your mother will always be my child. To her she was.

    I think parenting never stops. I think it is something that is life long as long as the parent is alive, especially mothers. They will protect their children at all cost.

    1. I know your mother was a good mother Randy. You are right parenting should be life long, but not all parents, parent their children in the way you have experienced. I’m pleased you’ve had it.

      As a parent myself I do protect my children, but it’s not a given for all children, but how I wish it was.

  3. I really hope all is well Ilana! I’m sorry you’re going through a difficult time I and I can only imagine with your children away from home how that feels.

    I haven’t experienced that yet. Prayers and well wishes sent your way!!

    1. Thanks Bonnie!! Yes all is well. As a general rule, I tend to work on the basis that as long as my children are okay and happy, then I’m content.

      It’s very rewarding seeing our children thrive away from home; it shows we’ve done a good job raising them.

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