Supporting families

Relationships may seem difficult when families pull in different directions. We may pull in different directions when we work independently of each other, when we’re non-committed and non-supportive.

The following suggestions may be useful:

  • Try to create balance and harmony;
  • Allow family members to make their own decisions;
  • Be happy with their decisions even if you can’t agree;
  • Always try to work with one another to help achieve a satisfactory outcome;
  • Try to be encouraging and act as a support;
  • Try not to be negative about another family member, because they don’t agree;
  • Try not to force your opinions;
  • Listening without making judgments is important on both sides.

It is important to let other family members contribute to discussions, for us to listen to what they have to say. Issues may start when one family member is trying to hog the limelight and others don’t get a look in.

We have much to gain from listening to other people’s views and insights. We need to learn to communicate with family better and just be a support. Family isn’t about competition and yet it may often feel like it is.

11 Mar, 2012

6 thoughts on “Supporting families

  1. All good advice – as usual. 🙂

    If only more families could implement such good suggestions.

    I’m lucky, my family leave me alone to get on with my life with my own family and I should be grateful for that.

    1. I like the suggestions too.

      I have to say that you are extremely lucky to have your family let you get on with your life. Unfortunately those are not my experiences.

      Some of the suggestions in my blog I use now and they do work.

  2. Great suggestions. I’ve found the ones I’ve experienced to be true over the years. Sometimes clear and effective communication can be the hardest part.

    Everyone has their own perceptions of what the same event and experience means to them.

    1. Thanks LeAnna and for posting.

      You’re right, clear and effective communication can be the hardest part in any relationship, because what is clear and effective communication to us may, not be so clear and effective to someone else.

      As you suggest, we all have our own perceptions on experience and events which change how we think and feel and communicate. In any event we have to be careful to make sure that what we say, does not offend.

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