Surgery day

I am so pleased that today is nearly over and that surgery is now behind me. The surgery itself was better than I thought it was going to be.

I decided to work through all the particulars of the surgery, with the Specialist so that I could stay in control during the op. The specialist agreed to try to make everything as painless as he could. The injection was the main obstacle for me, so it was agreed that he would inject slowly. I must admit it worked, as I didn’t feel a thing.

At my last consultation with the Specialist, there was so much swelling around the cyst, he couldn’t tell looking at the cyst how many there were, but looking at the cyst this morning, he confirmed that he would be taking 3 cysts away as part of the procedure. I thought I was looking at one.

He went on to explain how he would be removing the cysts and thankfully made the process easy. Since the start of the year I have had 10 different things removed including two benign tumours.  I know that my mum had been prone to cysts herself; but I’m not sure she had to deal with the same amount of cysts I’ve had to deal with. I’m clearly prone.

I hope now that I can put all of this behind me and mark this as the beginning of the rest of my life as far as surgery is concerned. The specialist confirmed that he’s positive there is nothing to worry about. The only health issue now is my eye. It feels slightly better, but the infection hasn’t gone.

I have to take more antibiotics to make sure this morning’s surgery doesn’t get infected, third time in just under a month. May be the antibiotics will also help heal my eye.

I have another appointment at the doctor’s next Tuesday to see if I can be referred to an eye specialist to have my eye checked over. It’s been over two weeks now, but I’m doing okay.

13 Aug, 2011

4 thoughts on “Surgery day

  1. I’m glad your surgery went well and you’re doing okay.

    I’ve had several surgeries on my hands and most of them can be related to my diabetes. That’s the only thing they can come up with. I get trigger finger and have had carpel tunnel surgery three times and have had a joint replaced in my left thumb. So I can relate to you a little.

    I haven’t had any surgery in a few years now and hope I don’t have to have any more, especially since the joint replacement was tough. I couldn’t use my hand for two months and that was very difficult for me.

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