Taking issue

It feels like I’m dealing with more of the same today. I’m used to spending my life solving problems, it’s the way I find peace, but they’re my problems and it works for me.

It’s taking issue, it’s living with and dealing with other stressful situations that involve my extended family that are impacting on me. Things should change eventually.

But for now I am so tired of being tired of dealing with the same issues, with no sign of change. Although it’s sometimes how things go, it doesn’t have to be.

20 Sep, 2012

4 thoughts on “Taking issue

  1. You’ve got to keep looking up! It’s tiring but things will resolve when it’s time. Stay tough. You can make it.

    I know how you feel. It’s like you see the end and then bam something else gets in the way.

    It will all settle down soon.

    1. Thanks for your reassuring response Lisa. I do regularly look up, but still seeing the same ole’ things!

      I do agree with your sentiments completely. Life changes, mine will too. I have to continue to believe and will.

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