Taking people for granted

As a society, we take people and the things people do for granted. We’re not always appreciative for the time and effort people put in, or for the things we have. We also underestimate the value of the people around us.

We expect without giving recognition or thanks for other people’s time. We give little to no value on people because what we have, we take without giving thanks. Having come from very little, I was aware of my circumstances from a very early age so was always appreciative of what my parents did. I assumed very little and was grateful for everything.

Today things are different. Maybe society is to blame. With our busy lives and more stress, relationships and friendships seem more undervalued than they were, when I was growing up. Children grow up too fast with a completely different mindset on what relationships mean and although I understand why, I don’t agree with their new thinking.

Perhaps it’s the outside influences that children acquire from a very early age that change the way they see the world. Different influences will always bring in a different thinking and that’s how we change. We become easily influenced and impressionable, but not always in the right way.

In most cases the main influences we have are our parents. I always understood enough about life to draw my own conclusions on who was important in my life. As a child, I valued everyone in the same way growing up, taking nothing for granted and I’m still like that today.

My life and circumstances, all documented on the site have changed, but I chose not to.

3 Jul, 2015

4 thoughts on “Taking people for granted

  1. I am grateful to a great many people being in my life and the things small and large that they do to help me and I let them know (a special shout out to my 4 nieces who are angels!!!!)

    I believe that if you introduce disabled people to young people and children their understanding and overall empathy grows for the better in their lives and how they approach dealing with people in general.

    And I haven’t forgotten you Ilana, thanks for the opportunity for your contributions and allowing us to participate.

    1. You’re most welcome Jonathan. My thanks goes to you for responding and being a part of The CP Diary. I couldn’t do what I do without the support. I’m pleased that what I do helps.

      From what you say Jonathan it sounds like you have a wonderful network of support around you, but that’s not something I was familiar with. You’re absolutely right in what you say and I agree.

  2. I tend not to take for granted the people that show kindness toward me. Perhaps it’s because I have always had struggle making connections with people and truly appreciate it when I do.

    It feels good when my children tell me thanks for everything I do for them or tell me that they are happy I am their mom. It gives me encouragement to go forward, especially more so when I am struggling emotionally.

    1. Thanks Maria. Ahhh how lovely. Yes perhaps we become more aware when we struggle with a disability and as a result we’re more likely to take less people for granted.

      Our childhood plays a massive part. If we’re taught well, we’ll never want to take anyone or anything for granted.

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