Testing ones patience

Over the last week my patience has been put to the test on numerous occasions, but today I’m feeling slightly easier about things. For me issues don’t usually become stressful unless those issues are put on the back burner and I’m expected to have to wait to deal with them.

When people deal with things in a certain way, it stands to reason they’ll continue to deal with things in the same way, regardless of whom they’re dealing with or what they’re dealing with.

It makes it harder when you want to bring closure on certain issues that need dealing with as a family and certain family members don’t share the same urgency. I am sure there are many of us out there, who like me will find those times stressful.

3 Oct, 2013

4 thoughts on “Testing ones patience

  1. I know how you feel having been through what sounds like something very similar over the last few years whilst trying to resolve a family matter. Unfortunately not everybody sees things the way we do and often think that they know best.

    I found that when I made it clear that I was going to be pushed only so far, things started working in my favour. Having said that, I am not known for my patience, rather more for my impatience.

    1. I think you’re right, but often they do what’s best for themselves. It’s fine if you have only yourself to think about but that’s not always the case, particularly when you’re dealing with something like a bereavement and there is paperwork to sort out.

      As you say and I agree it does help to have boundaries in place, but then one has to make sure those boundaries aren’t crossed and that’s also hard.

  2. I used to not have any patience. Sitting in a doctor’s office for hours to have an appointment really got on my last nerve, but as I’ve gotten older my patience seems to be better. If I’ve done all that I can about something and it isn’t resolved I just let it go.

    I do like certain things done when I ask, like if I go get groceries I will come in and ask my husband to get them out of the car. I want it done when I ask!

    He’ll just sit in his chair for about 5-10 minutes before he will move to do the job. It will drive me nuts! (I think he does it on purpose!)

    1. Thanks Lisa. I think there’s something about growing older and mellowing gracefully! We tend to have more patience as we grow older; things tend not to bother us as much.

      Annoyingly so, there’s just something comfortable about one’s chair!

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