Testing times

Although I am continually being put to the test, the last few weeks have been even more testing. A couple of days ago was the worst day, resulting in me getting ill.

Yesterday felt better, I was working on resting for the day, with two phone call consultations made in the afternoon that both went well. For those of us who learn our lessons, perhaps it’s not always us being put to the test, but for those we’re in contact with, who aren’t learning theirs.

It’s fair to say that the last few weeks have been testing times, but I’m determined that these testing times will pass.

11 Dec, 2014

8 thoughts on “Testing times

  1. You’re absolutely right. Testing times will pass, we make it through and they become a memory. I’m going through a few right now myself, but I’m determined not to let them get the best of me.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I hope you turn the corner on what you’re going through. Like you I am also determined to not let things get the better of me.

  2. Yes they can be so very hard, especially when you feel you’ve been tested your whole life!

    It’s the reason why I don’t get worked up over a lot of things, but internally things are churning so badly I do get physically ill too. People don’t very often get it and wonder why I’m not showing much of a reaction at times, but obviously things don’t phase you.

    I’ve always had to stop and think about my response so I don’t usually react right away like most people. My life has seemed to have been a procession of testing times every day for most of my life, so having a normal day is actually something I don’t know what to do with!

    1. Thanks Randy. As you rightly point out in your response, internalising things can be worse, particularly if we don’t know how to deal with things and we get ill. It is for that reason that I try not to internalise things, but believe these testing times do help us come through the other end stronger.

      Like you, it would be lovely just to have had a normal life, but to be honest if my life was normal I wouldn’t be who I am today, so that’s positive.

  3. I’m in a determinist mood today so I guess you could look on the hard times as life’s lessons, without which we would not otherwise grow.

    Testing times are really hard and they do lead to us asking ‘why’ but isn’t that what’s life is all about?

    1. I believe so. Testing times become life’s lessons, without which we would not otherwise grow. Life will always give us times where we’re emotionally being tested.

      It’s how we deal with and get through those testing times, which will make a difference.

  4. You’re smiling; smiling in the face of challenging times and drawing strength from your distress. You know what you’re made of, it’s in the smile.

    What a powerful illustration of your determination to weather the storms of your life.

    1. Thanks Tim. I try. I try to look at the bigger picture of the issue I’m dealing with to see if I can find an answer. If it’s something I don’t need to worry about or can’t influence, then I let it go.

      If it’s something I need to deal with, I then find the best way to do it. The problem is when it all happens at once and there’s no respite. That’s when things get sticky. Sometimes the best thing we can do is smile, because if we didn’t we’d probably panic or probably cry.

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