That one person

It’s a normal and comforting thought process to want someone in our lives that extends a comforting arm. It’s a normal and comforting process to want someone in our lives who will tell us they understand what we’re going through and won’t stand in judgment.

It’s a normal and comforting process to know that at some point in our lives that same person will give us the space we need so that we can grow as individuals. It’s that one person we can rely on, who doesn’t ask for anything, is happy to give and be a support just when we need it.

That person could be a grandparent, a parent, a teacher, a partner. Someone who continually continues to encourage. That one person is kind, caring and compassionate. That one person will choose to make a difference in our lives unconditionally and is unique.

27 Sep, 2013

4 thoughts on “That one person

  1. I have two to three people in my life like this. One that has been my friend since grade school.

    Our friendship is very strong and we are there for each other through thick and thin. Not only can we comfort each other, but we can give our opinion whether good or bad and not have bitter feelings toward each other.

    That’s a great friend.

    1. Thanks Lisa. When we’re able to have people like that in our lives, we’re very lucky. It probably doesn’t happen very often but as you have seen Lisa when you do it’s important to hang on.

      They are certainly unique individuals and in this fast paced world we live in they seem to be very rare.

  2. It is very nice to have that one person in my life, but it has also been very hard for me to really let that person be so involved in my life!

    I learned the lesson very early on that letting anyone in that closely, could be used against me in very negative ways. It caused me to never really be able to trust anyone including even myself, which makes for a very difficult time in living.

    It has cost me so many chances in my life to get close to few very special people, which has been my deepest regret.

    Only now after many years of therapy and personal growth do I feel able to let that one person in who does truly want to be there for me!

    1. Thanks for posting Randy. I know if you would have had the choice, you wouldn’t have chosen therapy to get to where you are now, but therapy sometimes is the only option if we are to change negative patterns, brought about by other people’s behaviour.

      I tend not to focus on how long something takes. What’s important and from what you say in your response Randy, is that you have someone in your life who wants to be there for you and you’re letting that person in through choice now.

      That is truly inspirational.

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