The bigger picture

If we were to think about the bigger picture and relate that bigger picture to everyone’s life and circumstances, where they are emotionally and why we think they’re behaving in a certain way, we would learn to be less critical and judgmental of them and their behaviour.

We would however, get to see the bigger picture, when we look at what they’re dealing with. Unfortunately though, we tend to judge people first, when we don’t completely understand and all we see is their behaviour. Looking at the bigger picture helps us look beyond what we see.

It will also enable us to make more informed choices on whether we choose to deal with, put up with, or walk away from those relationships. I believe that seeing the bigger picture of what someone deals with is a good way to help us achieve this.

27 Oct, 2013

10 thoughts on “The bigger picture

  1. I agree totally. People have judged me due to certain circumstances and my daughter.

    My aunt said yesterday that people should just shut up, because they don’t know what we’ve been through and they haven’t gone through what we have so they don’t know what it’s like. It’s like you’re the black sheep just because of one little thing you did or something just happened that you had no control over. That’s not a reason to judge people.

    I believe people that judge will eventually find themselves in a similar circumstance. It’s the law of karma.

    1. Yes it’s not a reason to judge Lisa. I agree with you. This is why we must look at the bigger picture. Without that, we will always judge others.

      I agree with your last sentence. I too believe too that when we judge, we will be judged. The law of karma will always be enforced, sooner or later.

  2. There is always a history and a story behind individual behavior. Some social behavior is generational until a cycle is broken through environmental changes and or educational opportunities. We are products of our environment nevertheless.

    I must admit though, I do judge people based on incidental behavior that is obviously inappropriate and should be aggressively dealt with.

    I once witnessed an entire family intentionally behave with absolutely no respect for the people living around them. How could you not judge that?

    Sometimes I think the bigger picture is bigger than we can surmise and tolerate.

    1. Thanks Tim. You’re right. I have always believed that if we learn to see the bigger picture, seeing the bigger picture becomes easier to adapt to.

      It took me a while to see and understand ‘the bigger picture,’ but seeing the bigger picture now helps me surmise and tolerate things, even if I don’t agree. There is a lot that we can understand through the bigger picture and although the bigger picture is not always for us to change, particularly when other people are involved, the bigger picture does help us stand back so that the universe plays its part instead of us.

      Each and everyone of us is responsible for ourselves. Unfortunately it’s not for us to judge, even though we may feel we have cause to. Karma takes care of that.

  3. It’s pretty much like the expression goes that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, or you don’t what it’s like unless you’ve walked a mile in my shoes!

    However you word it, this just means that you don’t always know what the whole story is if you’re only seeing part of it. I have been trying not to be so judgmental but it can be very hard at times considering I grew up in a world where you kind of had to, for survival’s sake!

    Many people think I’m a cop because of the way I pay attention to everything that’s going on around me, but you can chock that up to PTSD.

    I grew up being judged as ‘poor white trash’ so I know what it’s like and how soul crushing it can be. I’ve also had to deal with crippling mental health issues which people really can’t understand. All they see is a healthy person in front of them so they think that you’re lazy or just a moocher.

    I would love to see them be in my head and see how long before they’re crying Mercy. My suggestion is to really think twice before you make any assumptions about a person if you don’t really know them!

    1. Thanks Randy. I think your last paragraph describes this post perfectly. We should all think twice before making assumptions, but in order to do that we need to see the bigger picture first.

  4. This is a great point, when something happens I usually try to see both sides of the story. That way you can see how a person might have come to do something that you may or may not agree with.

    It’s easy to judge when we don’t know exactly what is going on in someone’s mind. Harder to see the choices they made and how they came to a certain conclusion.

    For instance the situation with my husband and his daughters. At this point he is speaking to one and not the other. They choose when they don’t want to be in their father’s life and don’t see how short life is and how they are wasting time on frivolous anger.

    Right now things are OK. We are slowly trying to build a trust up again so that we can see our grandchildren. But knowing at any time this can be taken away from us stinks. Hopefully someday these girls will get their act together and see how much their father loves them. He only wants the best for them and is trying to mend a long strained relationship.

    Luckily I don’t have that problem in my family; we love each other pretty much unconditionally, flaws and all. I think I’m pretty lucky but it also makes me mad at my step-daughters at times seeing how foolish they are to miss out on such a loving father.

    1. Thanks Maria. It seems to be the nature of families unfortunately. I remember watching a documentary about it.

      I do think that that to some degree we come full circle once we’re through the other end and we’ve matured. Seeing the bigger picture helps us see both sides to a story and can help bring about a compromised solution.

      I hope things get sorted for you both shortly.

  5. As a society the unenlightened majority commonly fail to see the ‘bigger picture’ and it is one of many saddening aspects of 21st century life.

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