The blame game

The blame game, you know the one. The one where your relationship with anyone and everyone is somehow responsible for how you feel, about issues that aren’t necessarily your fault, but issues you must deal with that need to be addressed.

Even if we’re not to blame for where we are, we can’t turn back the clock, nor can we continually blame the others who aren’t responsible for what we have to deal with. Therefore, perhaps we need to look at own role in how we get to change the way we feel. That doesn’t mean apportioning blame to dissolve responsibility, but instead deal with the root cause.

For many years, my childhood was a cause for my own unhappiness, but as an adult, it was up to me to deal with how I felt about it. It stands to reason that when we move on from one unhappy scenario without correcting it, we go on to find ourselves in exactly the same emotional place, but with a different set of scenarios.

I believe the key is to deal with our issues and if for whatever reason we can’t find what the lesson is, move on without apportioning the blame on to others. Once we’ve dealt with the issue of course, the universe will allow us to move on.

8 May, 2014

2 thoughts on “The blame game

  1. I’m sure I’ve blamed people in the past for things I was going through and I still blame my parents for certain things, but it’s not really their fault, because they were only doing what they thought was right at the time.

    But there is one thing I blame on one person for something that happened and my mind will not change on this. I will always blame her. It may not be her fault completely but mostly it is.

    I’ve learned to accept my parents faults and have forgiven them in my heart. I had a very happy childhood and wish my children could have experienced at least half of what I did. (Sorry I’m getting off topic here!)

    I agree with you and think we need to learn to accept things, forgive people if only in our heart and move on with our lives.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I know what you mean about the parent scenario, but I’m not sure how straight forward that one is. When I was younger I often thought your thoughts, that our parents only do what they think is right at the time. I think there is an element of truth in that, (no one goes to school to be a parent) but I also think some parent’s often do what’s easier for them.

      If my parents had have done what was best for me, I would have had a completely different life, but what’s done is done. Whatever our parents have or haven’t done for us, I still believe there comes a time when we have to learn to take back responsibility without apportioning blame.

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