The cost of being naive

One of the choices I made, back in the day when I considered myself to be naïve, I am now dealing with again.

Having been to the hospital yesterday, it has now been confirmed that what I thought was swelling around a skin tag left from surgery, is a cyst that needs to be removed again. I cannot do that until the swelling goes down, but it shows the cyst, which was supposed to have been removed 10 years ago, wasn’t removed properly.

My doctor who had minor surgery experience did the procedure, but in hindsight perhaps I should have gone to the hospital to have it removed. I was told by the practice that my doctor could do the same job, so I opted to have it done in-house. I should have gone with my gut.

There is no point in dwelling now, but a specialist would have removed it completely. If only I hadn’t been so naïve. I have talked about my resilience and my patience being tested, I believe this is part of the process.

The swelling is in an awkward place and is taking too long to heal. The removal of the cyst will be awkward, which will be my biggest test yet and as strong as I am emotionally, the thought of what lies ahead is scaring me.

A date has been provisionally set for a week on Friday. I finish my antibiotics next week, so decisions will be made then as to whether surgery goes ahead. I am not convinced at this moment it will happen.

I am working on my emotions right now.

16 Jul, 2011

8 thoughts on “The cost of being naive

  1. I don’t think you were naive, maybe just misguided by the doctor. I’m sure he probably did what he thought he could do and thought he got it all. Don’t blame yourself. It was his mistake not yours. I’ve been there.

    I had to have carpel tunnel surgery on my right hand and the doctor didn’t tell me that it was under local anesthesia so I didn’t get ANY meds to relax me and it was an awful experience. To make matters worse a few years later I had to have it redone. I was put to sleep this time by a specialist and haven’t had any problems with it since.

    He did my left wrist too and only had to do it once. I blame the first doctor because he didn’t specialize in hand surgery. The new doctor I see does. Some doctors just know how to convince us that they know what they’re doing because they went to school for umpteen years and are supposed to know what they are doing.Maybe the cyst just returned. They do that sometimes.

    But did the doctor tell you that? It’s his fault for not educating you about it. Anyway I hope you heal soon.

    1. I was naive because I went with what the doctor said, rather than what I knew to be best for me, particularly as he was a general practitioner with limited experience of surgery. That was my mistake. I was more gullible in those days.

      I’m not there anymore, I just have to work through this again. I will get through it. Thanks Lisa.

  2. Sometimes in difficult times we can’t see the bright side, but say to our selves “everything happens for a reason.” Everyone has their own experience about the worst time in their life, so do we.

    But I’m sure you’re not the person to give up so easily. You’ve got your family to support you and your good friends.

    Just keep believing in your spirit that you are going to be okay. I hope you get well soon.

    1. Ria you are completely right in your thinking. Things do often happen for a reason. I believe they are our lessons to learn.

      I know what my lesson was and I have made every effort to change what was back then. I intend to do exactly as you say. Many thanks for your concern.

      Thank you for posting. It’s lovely having you on site.

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