The Covid-19 ‘Wonder Vaccine’

I write about the things that matter to me and ‘the world’ the things that don’t make sense, and the things that can leave me panicked. Covid-19 has left me panicked, particularly in the early days.

I have a disability and I am ‘immunocompromised.’ There is no data on how I or others with a disability and/or immunocompromised issues, might fare. One size vaccine doesn’t fit all people and all cases. The Centre for Infectious Diseases in America, is aware there needs to be data for the immunocompromised, but the UK government are choosing to bury their heads.

The AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines have both been marred with incidences including blood clots and women coming forward complaining about PMT issues that they say are far worse now they have had the vaccine. There is suggestion too the Moderna isn’t without its complications either, and whilst there is confusion, I am still no better off for knowing how I might fare and it’s a gamble I cannot take, without being informed about my own disability issues, and I am not the only one.

I have cerebral palsy, I am immunocompromised. I also have autism and being mentally aware of the issues surrounding the vaccine, automatically creates a panic and fear in me. The UK government have made it impossible for me and thousands like me to forge ahead with a decision, so for now I am home and I shall continue to wear my KN95 when I go out.

Unlike the flu, the pandemic isn’t anything like the flu as the UK government would have us believe, but now the consensus is that everyone must have the standard two jabs. In the beginning of Covid-19 the government hailed the vaccine a panacea vaccine. It was going to ‘save us.’ Yes, not only was it going to save us, but we would get our lives back. They were certain about that.

Now with many mistakes having been made since the beginning Covid-19, this is not what we have. Even if you are double vaccinated, scientist Dr Gabriel Scally via @jayneSeckerSky on @SkyNews has said ‘you can still catch Covid-19 and can pass it on.’

So, it is clear we will NOT be fully protected even with a double jab. And whilst we may not end up critically ill, hospitalised, or dead, we can still catch Covid-19 and catching Covid doesn’t come without its complications.

It is also the reason the UK government moving forward, are also planning 6 monthly or yearly boosters. (Source: Having ‘vaccine overload’ is another reason I am not taking the vaccine given my disability issues. Even if this wasn’t meant to start out like the flu jab, the UK Government is comparing it to flu. It is the wrong comparison.

It is what we have now, so routinely we will now be expected to continue with the vaccines, like we would the flu jab. But unlike the flu jab which isn’t mandatory, the Covid-19 vaccine is now becoming mandatory.

Also, with a KN95 mask, I can go out for a walk, but I can’t get back into my life. It is difficult and I dilemma for me, given we were told the vaccine would be the panacea by the government and it would solve all our problems.

Having all restrictions lifted by this government means I also cannot go out into public spaces, because I am no longer fully protected even with a mask, because people have been told they don’t need to wear one, although it is expected and recommended in crowded public spaces, so I have no choice but to stay home.

So, given the fact I am home, and I can’t get back into my life with or without the vaccine, also because masks have been removed, I am in a no better a position, given I can still catch Covid-19 with the vaccine. The economy and party politics is the motivation and sentiment behind the UK government decisions.


Whilst the Covid-19 vaccine has been hailed the ‘wonder’ vaccine, it’s not quite how that worked out. And whilst the government aren’t addressing our concerns, there is still confusion for people who are caught between a rock and a hard place. No matter where you are in this debate, you have the freedom to choose to take the vaccine and I would never tell anyone not to.

My reasons are valid because I deal with a disability and because there is no data to suggest I will be okay. On a more positive note, the UK government were the first government to have got the vaccine out and even with its controversies, there is some protection there, but we must still live our lives with at least social distancing and us wearing a mask in place.

It is also important we continue to move forward with caution. Where the government have lifted restrictions on everything, please let us play it safe. I am intending to wear a mask and shall continue to social distance.

30 Jul, 2021

4 thoughts on “The Covid-19 ‘Wonder Vaccine’

  1. The vaccine roll-out in the UK has been incredible and it has undoubtedly saved many thousand of lives and people from becoming seriously ill with Covid.

    But we now know the vaccine isn’t the once and for all panacea we were told it would be, and many people have caught the virus since having been vaccinated.

    To me, this doesn’t undermine in any way just how essential the vaccination programme is, especially as the virus is not going away and looks likely to be with us for a long time.

    It remains to be seen if the government’s gamble with relaxing all restrictions ‘overnight’ largely on the back of the vaccine roll-out success, will pay off. My view is making wearing masks voluntary in many places is a mistake.

    We all have to have feel safe wherever we are and whatever we are doing and this is especially important for you because you are immunocompromised.

    I ignore what I hear and read and I do whatever I am comfortable doing. At the end of the day that’s all that matters.

    1. I am sure no one would undermine the incredible work the scientists do and continue to do.

      But as you say where the vaccine was once hailed as the ‘panacea’ vaccine, scientists are coming forward and saying you can still catch Covid and long Covid with it. I think it is wrong for any government to play ‘god’ in this way and with people’s lives.

      Leaving it to us to choose to mask up, isn’t going to work. I am pleased having managed to go out for the first time today, although people on the streets aren’t wearing masks, most salons are taking the initiative and keeping precautionary measures in place.

      When any government chooses to put politics before people there will be a struggle to have a happy ending. We must therefore take the initiative for ourselves.

      There are many reasons why not everyone will take the vaccine. There needs to be more information and data for those like myself who are immunocompromised and what taking the vaccine means.

  2. I live in the U.S. and no one seems to wear their masks anymore and I am from the south so I know most of them have not been vaccinated.

    I also have been careless, because I just got vaccinated but with the recent news, I am regretting my decision. However, I believe that scientists are not lying to us, but they just really could not predict the future.

    It is quite exhausting to live in fear.

    1. Hi Yung Lam and welcome to the site. I can understand your reasoning behind why you’re regretting your decision to take the jab.

      In the UK we have now been told the vaccine is here to stay. It’s not going away, and we have to live with it. My gripe is with how (and I live in the UK) the UK government have handled and is continuing to handle the pandemic.

      Since the virus is here to stay, the vaccine will have to be mandatory, it’s not like the ‘flu’ jab which is seasonal and you have a choice. I personally don’t see a way around that.

      I am choosing right now not to take the vaccine, because I have a disability and there is no data to suggest how I might fare if I do take the vaccine. I am home and on the odd occasion I go out, I wear a KN95 mask.

      This is something government scientists should have looked into before roll-out, so more of us would feel confident taking the vaccine, knowing it would be 2 jabs and you’re done.

      I expect in the weeks and months to come we will be told that it will now be a yearly jab and that we will be expected to continue to take the jab yearly.

      Having been told it would be ‘2 jabs’ to now potentially being told ‘it will be yearly, there will be vaccine overload. The fear is not only the unknown, but there is fear of the repercussions of having to take yearly jabs.

      Although I appreciate governments will struggle, and it is clear mistakes have been made, particularly here in the UK. But, there is no doubt that when you take the politics out of your decisions, you find politicians really do care.

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