The CP Diary is 6

Tomorrow it will be 6 years to the day that I started writing and running The CP Diary, never having missed a day in 6 years.

Not only is The CP Diary a big accomplishment for me, it is my daily inspirational tool that helps me live my life better and also allows other people to tap into that magic, so they too can lead better lives through a better understanding on what they deal with, through my own experiences.

There is no set rule as to what I write about or when. It’s a case of whatever I’m feeling at the time, but I do try to write blogs that cover a wide variety of topics.

Thank you to those who post to the site and who continue to inspire us through their experiences and to those who continue to read my blogs. It’s a place where we can be ourselves and where we get to support one another.

16 May, 2016

4 thoughts on “The CP Diary is 6

  1. Your site has grown to become a wonderful place of inspiration, help and support and above all, it shows us how positivity can overcome, if we choose it to.

    You should be enormously proud of your achievements; as are we all.

    1. Awww thank you. I’m just happy that as my blogs continue to help me, they help other people too. We support one another through what we have to deal with.

      Life isn’t easy. Hopefully The CP Diary makes the transition easier.

  2. As soon as I connected with this site I began to hear myself; I guess it’s because I found a place to raise my voice.

    Thank you for the past few years.

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