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“Thank you for your insight thoughts & research in you blog posts. I find a majority of them dead on to an issue I’ve been thinking about. They have helped me get a different perspective or even the answer I’ve been looking for. I’m sure you are helping many of us through issues. I want to take the time to give you my thanks, and keep it up.” – Jonathan

This is a message Jonathan left on the Contact Form. I haven’t included it in today’s blog to boast. That isn’t how I work, but did want to raise one or two important messages from Jonathan’s views on what my site has done for him.

Many years ago I used to think that my life would just right itself and things would miraculously change without me having to do anything. It would go on to take me many years to understand that I needed to be pro-active in my thinking. I needed to act.

The CP Diary is a tool for anyone who wants to bring about change in their lives. Reading my blogs helps bring about new perspectives, allowing us to make changes based on our own experiences and lives.

Taking part in and responding on the site is another way of being pro-active. Actively posting, allows us to think about what we deal with and compare notes and experiences with other people, who talk about their experiences on the site and through my responses on their experiences.

When I’m not writing for The CP Diary, I am actively working on my own life, which hasn’t been and still isn’t easy. Whilst I appreciate The CP Diary cannot make everything right, it allows us to understand how best to function with a view to change; it is those changes that will go on to make a difference.

10 Jun, 2015

6 thoughts on “The CP Diary tool

  1. I believe I am doing a lot better in handling life with CP because of self-help material I have been reading, social media, and sites like The CP Diary.

    They all have helped me not to feel alone with my struggles and give me a different perspective on issues I face.

    1. Thanks Maria. When I came to find out I had CP, I started to look for information so that I could learn a little more about other people’s experiences and what CP was all about.

      I came across a social media site called Daily Strength, which was set up for people to share their experiences with other like minded individuals and that was a different experience to what I have achieved with the diary.

      It’s good that you feel a lot better about what you deal with. I believe any shared experience with what we deal with helps.

  2. What a lovely message and gesture. Jonathan has said what I am sure many of us who read your blogs think.

    You have created a wonderful tool that challenges and empowers us to look at ourselves and our relationships and show us that we can change what we need to change. Thank you.

  3. The CP Dairy has opened up our hearts with tears, empathy and compassion. It has humanized our struggle with life and it provides a non judgmental platform to share our experiences.

    Ilana, it must be both difficult and rewarding to consistently regard your readers with such intensity and care. You give so much to life and your readers are grateful recipients of your generosity.

    1. Awww thank you for the wonderful compliment and kind words Tim. I’m so pleased that The CP Diary has become your tool too.

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