The cycle of life

The mere thought of death can make us feel uneasy, it’s a subject that has been taboo for far too long. We talk about life, but we fail to talk about death in the same way, and considering death is our only surety, it is sad that we cannot bring ourselves to talk about it.

Death is part of life’s experiences, without experiencing life to its full we’re more likely to avoid or try to postpone the experience of death. Fearing death means fearing what could in effect be our most important experience.

We should talk about death; bring it back into everyday speak. We should talk about the people we’ve lost and loved. They lived, they were part of our lives and yet we don’t talk about them. Without death, life is incomplete. Life is a cycle and death is part of that.

Death is a process, being born is part of the same process. We don’t remember being born, but we’re here. It is something we’ve experienced, so we should think about death in the same way. Death is inevitable. We need to understand and be comfortable with the idea and its concept.

Fearing it, only limits our ability to make the most of the life we have. In my twenties, death scared me half to death. Spirituality is the closest belief system I know that allows me to understand the concepts of life and death perfectly.

In effect, we’re all spiritual beings living a spiritual experience whether we believe we are or not. Death is part of that same experience.

19 Nov, 2013

6 thoughts on “The cycle of life

  1. I agree. We are brought up to be frightened about death and certainly as children shielded from it “for our own good.”

    I do think that there is a growing realisation as you describe, that it is an inevitable part of life’s cycle and that we should not hide or run away from death, but learn, understand and appreciate that it is part of life.

    That way we may well embrace our precious lives more.

  2. I don’t mind talking about death. You’re right it’s part of life and we should accept that.

    My mom isn’t afraid to die, she is afraid of going to sleep and not waking up. She wants to know what is going on and be aware when it’s her time. She doesn’t want to be “out of it” when it’s her time like my father was.

    I’m not afraid of dying. What bothers me is the people I leave behind. I have a problem when it comes to others dying that I’m close to. I still grieve for my father and he died almost 10 years ago. I’m getting better but it still hurts.

    It will be about the same when mom goes. I know they are in a better place without the pain and worries of this world but it still bothers me.

    1. Thanks Lisa. All I would say is hold on to those thoughts that your parents will be in a better place when they’re gone. You may also want to hold on to the thought that they are around you, just not with you.

      Talk to them and they will listen. They will be there to help you come through the hard times. You’ve actually got over the hardest part. Since talking about death and losing a loved one has always been taboo particularly through our generation, you’ve gone and changed all of that and that’s great.

      I see that as being the hardest challenge but one you’ve happily overcome and that’s great.

  3. We never had a chance to process anything that went on in our lives as far as life, death and everything between was concerned! My parents never really discussed anything outside of their little world so there was so much that we never learned.

    Death was something I learned about when I almost died from pneumonia and I can say that I wasn’t very happy to come back to the world I was living in! My biggest fear of death comes from, like your mother said, is not so much about dying, but how it’s going to happen.

    My only real hope is that I’m not alone when it happens and that people will actually remember me!

    1. Thanks Randy. We process what we want to process even if we’re not given things to progress if that makes sense. I think we understand a lot more than we see or our parents talk about. The fact that your parents didn’t discuss things is something to process!

      Leaving an impression with the people we love is so important. It’s the things we do that people will always remember. Being kind and compassionate are other things people will want to remember us for.

      It’s up to us to make the right impression and for us not to be left on our own. It’s up to us.

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