The eternal sceptic

Many of us will know someone who lives and has made an occupation of being an eternal sceptic. People who continually choose to question or throw doubt on another person’s knowledge.

Anyone who is an eternal sceptic, will have his or her own opinions, will discredit what’s being said and will usually want to carry out their own research, before they consider or believe the facts, knowledge or opinions that are being presented. In a way, it almost becomes a personal quest, because a sceptic never seems convinced by what is being said is true and will inevitably continue to mistrust people.

When we discredit someone’s opinion, without giving that person a chance to be believed, it points the finger directly at ourselves. It’s something we learn, we’re not born with those traits. If our parents behave with scepticism, we’re more likely to copy them, but that’s not right. We should have an open mind.

It’s fine to disagree when we have the full facts in front of us and there may be times when it’s important for us to be sceptical, particularly if the other person wants to involve us and we have our doubts. In those circumstances, we will always have a right to throw doubt on what’s being said.

Using scepticism can be damaging to all relationships, but once we are aware we’re conducting ourselves like that, we can change how we relate and communicate with one another.

30 Mar, 2012

6 thoughts on “The eternal sceptic

  1. I think my sister is a sceptic. I love her dearly, but there are times when we get in a discussion about something medical and she ‘knows what the right answer is’ even though she is a teacher and didn’t study in the medical field.

    I’m a nurse and when she does this it makes me doubt what I know… and there are others that make me doubt what I know to be the truth. I live around sceptics!

    1. I wonder how many sceptics will actually admit to being a sceptic! It’s important to go with your gut feelings and stick to your guns on what you know to be the truth.

  2. I know I’ve been very sceptical in my life, which is something that I’m trying very hard to change.

    I haven’t had a lot of positives in my life that would make a skeptic out of almost anyone. I just need to learn to get beyond it. Then I know I will be much better off.

    1. When we’re surrounded by negativity it would be so easy to learn how to be sceptic. It becomes a coping mechanism I would imagine. Good role models don’t do that.

      I am pleased you’re trying hard to change how not to be sceptic and hope you succeed.

  3. When I was younger, I definitely was much more sceptical than I am nowadays; although experience especially in business has still left me a healthy sceptic!

    1. It’s good that you’ve changed from being much more sceptical to being less sceptical now. There’s obviously room for improvement but that’s a start!

      I think people and business is a different entity completely to a social setting; in business a little scepticism can be a good thing.

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