The EU vote shouldn’t count

I don’t normally bring politics into my blog, but this got to me. The EU vote shouldn’t count and speaking with others, it’s clear I’m not alone. The public has learned that the referendum campaigns were run on the basis of misleading information, mindless propaganda and a lack of transparency.

We in the UK were left more confused with little in the way of information to help us in our decision-making. Many of us based our decisions on a lack of understanding, an information vacuum about what would happen if we voted to come out. Because of this, I personally believe the referendum result shouldn’t count.

Negative propaganda, misinformation and personal vendettas explained the final decision of the Brexit vote. Because we weren’t given the information we needed to make informed choices, it makes the final count even more wrong. Perhaps the incoming new Prime Minister now needs to address this.

The vote was neither balanced, representative nor fair and didn’t truthfully address the role of the UK within the EU post leave. This has also been noted by EU leaders in Brussels. I am sure more people will have voted to stay in the EU, had they been given the truthful facts about the implications of leaving.

Since the UK vote for us to come out of the EU, a poll has now suggested that a million people in the UK now regret their leave decisions. It clearly wasn’t right. If as we believe now that we are coming out of the EU, we have many years of uncertainty, economically, socially and politically.

If the vote had been fair, I believe the outcome would have been different and wouldn’t have seemed so damaging because the vote will have been more informed. This needs addressing by all political parties, which was every man for himself and which is why we’re now leaving the EU.

In the meantime the UK are now entitled to lobby their local MP’s, to put pressure on the Government to re-look at the handling and outcome of the vote and to address all injustices, as outlined by the media and in my blog here.

Had the campaign on all sides been handled appropriately, this would have resulted in a fair and proper debate and the public would not now feel aggrieved and cheated. This goes for both sides of the argument.

29 Jun, 2016

6 thoughts on “The EU vote shouldn’t count

  1. I cannot agree more with your analysis of the Brexit ‘saga’ and your sentiments. The outcome really has sent shockwaves through British society and Europe; leading to divisions within families and a fragmented sense of community.

    The economic ramifications were felt immediately on the announcement on the results of the referendum and the societal implications of increased racially motivated hate crimes and homophobia are all too apparent; not bad going in the 5 days since the results. The political fall-out has been massive with shock waves through all parties.

    I am left feeling numb and speaking with friends and colleagues, they feel the same. Life in the UK will certainly never be the same again. Our children and their children have much to be concerned about.

    1. Yes, quite. I believe we will still be working through economic ramifications well into the exit of the EU and well beyond that.

      What staggers me the most, is the Government’s inability (including all parties, because they’re all to blame) to come forward and explain their conduct through the EU campaign.

      I’m not sure how we can trust those in Government, when they can’t even own up to their own failings, least of all on us relying on them to get us through coming out of the EU successfully.

      As you say we all have much to be concerned about, particularly young people and the next generation.

  2. I doubt if the EU vote is legally binding, noting the discrepancies you stated in this blog and more.

    But the EU vote coincides with a rising Nationalism spreading across Europe and the United States. While there’s plenty of racism in this story, we cannot ignore the desperation of working class people sucked up by vampire capitalism and globalism.

    As a world community, we should point our collective fingers at greed, instead of isolating ourselves into survival tribes.

    1. Thanks Tim. You’re absolutely right. As several prominent UK Counsel have questioned the legality of the Referendum and have concluded that it’s status is merely advisory.

      Unfortunately, there is no political will in the UK, largely as both main parties are in total disarray at the moment and leadership-less and therefore, it seems as if we will slip slide towards existing the EU blindly.

      Not only has the referendum split traditional political parties in the UK it has also led to an increase in division in our society.

      These divisions are increasing through Europe generally and the rise of these nationalistic tendencies are a real worry.

  3. Exactly right! Hopefully they will come to see sense and realise leaving the EU is not what the majority of UK citizens actually want, or thought they wanted; thanks to the untrue information given and the referendum will become void.

    1. Thanks. Like you I also hope for the same, although I’m not sure it will ever be void.

      I would have no problem with the referendum result if it had have been conducted fairly. I feel there is an injustice here that needs to be corrected.

      I believe all politicians, including those across the globe, know and are aware of the handling of the Referendum in the UK, but the UK politicians seem reluctant to do anything about what they know now.

      There is no justification for this, but we are now seeing this happen, which seem to be out of people’s control in the shape of Boris Johnson’s decision not to stand in the General Election.

      In terms of the Universe, the Referendum vote and its handling simply cannot be ignored.

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