The Gift of Intuition

Writing blogs for my website The CP Diary and putting information out there is a big responsibility, and continues to be a responsibility, one that I have got used to.

To write, I work with the universe and my intuition. For those who may not know what intuition is, it’s the feeling you get about something when there is no logical explanation. Intuition is never wrong. It is a dialogue between you and the universe, it is an open door to answers that you find difficult to place for yourself.

Even as far back as a child I always felt connected, that I was a tiny cog in the bigger picture. The connection I have through my intuition, incorporates a primary feeling. A feeling that continues to alert me when something isn’t right, when something is concerning, when something is overwhelming, or when something is going well.

But the primary feeling needs to be trusted by us if we are to create harmony and have balance in our lives. The world reflects us, it is a mirror image of our behaviour, what we put out, we get back. When we are connected, we have balance, we have clarity and through clarity we make better choices.

The world today has moved away from trust and as a result we are losing our connections with each other, with life, creating a society that is now isolating and broken; we can change that.

Intuition is one of the greatest tools we can have. It is the backbone to just about everything, it helps us stay connected and it helps us understand our lives.

27 Oct, 2021

2 thoughts on “The Gift of Intuition

  1. My intuitive nature and being an empath are two of the main reasons I survived my childhood too.

    Ilana, you are one of the few people who I trust enough to admit this to, seeing as most people think I have a few screws loose. Intuition never lies and I wish I had listened to it, seeing as it would have saved me so much grief.

    I’m trying to pay more attention to it now, rather than trying to make life happen without it, which when I look back didn’t work out so well.

    1. Thanks Randy. I agree. Yes, how different our lives would be, society would be, the world would be if more of us tapped into our intuitive side.

      We don’t and life isn’t working out so well. That said, even if we’re not using our intuition, bringing qualities like empathy, and compassion, changes the way we deal with others.

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