The human mind

The mind is a complex and powerful tool. It enables us to think, remember and reason with ourselves and with others, as well as problem solve.

The mind also helps us assess complex thoughts, recall past experiences and turn our ideas into realities; but for it to work effectively, it should be used in conjunction with our intuition, if we are to accurately assess and problem solve on issues such as illness, relationships, or difficult decisions.

Unfortunately, without our intuition, the mind may conjure up stories that will inevitably compound some of the problems we deal with. It’s easy to talk ourselves into most things and it is our intuition that stops us from doing that.

How is our intuition developed?

Intuition is developed through our emotions and not our thoughts. It is an instinctive knowledge or belief about something.

When you’re presented with a solution to a problem you’ve been dealing with that you haven’t been consciously thinking about, or haven’t got an answer for that’s when your intuition should kick in. When the solution to our problem comes, it’s usually in seconds with the full picture being presented to us.

Our intuition may also help us sort out a host of other problems and although it cannot solve health problems for us, it does make us aware of solutions that we aren’t always consciously aware of, so that we may go on to make the right decisions around health issues.

I think our intuition stops our problems getting worse by putting us on the right track, so that we are able to make more informed choices. We can all use our mind and intuition to help problem solve some of our problems.

24 May, 2012

6 thoughts on “The human mind

  1. The brain doesn’t know the difference between positive and negative, reality and fantasy. If we keep thinking negative thoughts for example the brain will process that information and associate it with what we are thinking about. This can bring stress and anxiety upon ourselves.

    By thinking positively and using our intuition we can lower our stress levels, problem solve more efficiently and function better in our everyday lives.

    Good blog.


    1. Thanks Stuart.

      From what I know and have read, it’s the subconscious part of our brain that plays out all our experiences regardless of whether those experiences are negative or positive. If we have nothing but negative experiences, the conscious mind will continue to think those negative thoughts until we learn to change them.

      Affirmations, intuition and positive thinking all help lower our stress levels. I believe we all have the power to change.

  2. I developed a very strong sense of intuition from my childhood and also having it naturally.

    My mind is very complicated which has made life for me very difficult, but I think that it could improve if I took the time to work on it. I’m hoping to learn how to develop a positive way of thinking so that I wouldn’t be quite as stressed as much.

    I’m sure if I focus more on the positive, rather than the negative that my life will eventually get better.

    1. I understand you completely. It’s great that you already had a good sense of your own intuition.

      I believe our intuition paves the way for more peace in our lives. Because intuition is based on facts, it takes out all the guess work on problem solving, which cuts down on stress of having to deal with some of these problems in the first place.

      If this is something you did naturally as a child Randy, I would definitely now concentrate on getting some of this back. Go for it!

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