The incompetence of some

It’s been such a frustrating day, because I’ve met with so much incompetence. This morning I phoned my doctor’s surgery to get the results of an additional cholesterol test and after a difficult conversation with the receptionist, found out that because of a strike at the blood labs, my blood sample had been destroyed.

I was then told the doctor’s surgery was aware of the strike when I had gone in for the test, but they still took the blood sample anyway without giving me the opportunity to rearrange. The doctors had been notified by the lab about the strike and were told to continue taking blood, but never suggested they wouldn’t be processing any of the blood samples.

I spoke with the practice manager over this incident, who apologised profusely and offered for a nurse to come to my home to take another blood sample.  At the end of our half hour chat I agreed to another appointment in September for them to re-run the test.

The practice manager also agreed to sort out everything we discussed.  All in all amongst other incompetence today, it’s been a very bad not to say frustrating day.

6 Aug, 2013

6 thoughts on “The incompetence of some

  1. Sorry you’ve met with this incompetence. Some doctors don’t think things out when it comes to what’s best for the patient. They have other stuff on their minds. I don’t have high regards for most doctors because I have seen so much incompetence and their lack of consideration for their patient.

    I hope things are done right for the next time you have to have the test.

    1. Thanks Lisa. This helps. Yes I tend to agree with you, doctors don’t always put their patients first as my case has shown. It’s nothing I thought about yesterday, but what you say is very true and appropriate.

      I am sure things will work out next time round. Thank you.

  2. Yes it can be very frustrating, especially when they are aware of issues they may end up having without letting you know! Hard to imagine they actually destroyed the blood samples which would seem highly illegal to me.

    It does seem like a lot of these doctors and various agencies don’t always communicate very well with each other let alone their patients.

    Hopefully they will be able to get things straightened out before you have to deal with them again next month.

    1. You’re absolutely right on all counts Randy. I too hope they get things straightened out before I have to go back next month.

  3. What an unnecessary inconvenience. Surely if the lab told the surgery, then the practice nurse should have rescheduled your blood test. Hardly rocket science!

    I’m sure it will go smoothly when you go back next month. They really wont want to mess up twice.

    1. I’m sure they won’t want to either.

      I am sure everything will go fine next month; it’s just very frustrating not to say stressful, particularly as I’ve had to talk to the Practice Manager about it.

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