The Lifting of Masks

I took the opportunity to go out to a local retail park with my mask on, before the lifting of masks becomes compulsory on the 19th July.

The Manager explained that once the measures in place to protect us are lifted, all shop staff will continue to wear masks for a month and customers will be given the choice as to whether they mask up. Mandatory screens will stay for a month and then the shop will reassess. Social distancing and the sanitising of hands are going too.

The Scottish Government have taken the view as other countries have that Covid-19 is on the increase, it’s here to stay, it is vital measures are put in place to keep the world population safe. It’s mad that the UK government would think to the contrary.

I am in an impossible decision, lifting restrictions, with or without the vaccine means I am home for the foreseeable future. It is a fact that a physical covering prevents the spread of Covid-19 and scientists are now coming forward on the back of the Government’s decisions, asking us to continue to mask up.

From The BMA (trade union and professional body for doctors and medical students in the UK) and quoted in the Standard today: “We know that face masks are proven to reduce the spread of this infection. At a time when we have a high level of cases, we cannot understand why we would knowingly want people to become infected.”

I am also immunocompromised. There is no data on whether the current vaccines (and they aren’t without controversy or risk) are suitable for those who are immunocompromised, which is me. I am home. It’s not right that the government are putting me and others in this impossible position.

A survey carried out by the Melbourne Institute in June found that 16% are either unwilling to be vaccinated and 13% don’t know whether they want to be vaccinated. (Source:

Everyone is now free to come and go as they please without the use of masks, even though the virus is still spreading and I, like many vulnerable and clinically vulnerable people are forced back into our homes, to self-isolate. If I go out, I will wear a mask and put provisions in place to keep myself safe.

It’s madness that anyone would wittingly make a choice to go down this path, which is political. The government have listed all restrictions, but that restriction is the most important, as the world looks on.

16 Jul, 2021

4 thoughts on “The Lifting of Masks

  1. The universe is having a little chuckle to itself today.

    The day all Covid-19 measures are dropped in the UK, we have the Health Minister with the virus having already received both vaccinations, and the Prime Minister and Chancellor in self isolation having met the Health Minister last week.

    I wait for a u-turn while infections (already around 50k/day) hit the expected 200k/day mark in the coming weeks.

    As the saying goes ‘IKEA has better cabinets!’

    1. Thanks. Yes, karma is coming back. But until there is change in the cabinet, nothing will change.

      I’m smiling, because the ‘universe’ is watching in horror at what’s playing out and saying, get a grip. It knows us more than we know ourselves.

      It also knows what we should be doing, but until those in government learn their lessons, we will continue to get caught up in their crossfire.

      The solution is for us all to wear masks. That way restrictions can be lifted and we will all continue to remain safe. It remains to be seen what happens now and how many people will voluntarily mask up.

      Now restrictions have been lifted, people like myself who are vulnerable and those others who are clinically vulnerable, are now forced back into our homes, (I deal with cerebral palsy and respiratory disease).

      Lifting restrictions and taking away the wearing of masks has divided us even further. It’s not just Covid-19. You can add Brexit into that mix also.

  2. I live in a very Republican area in the US, where mask usage has become a devisive political issue. The anti-vaccine, anti-science, anti-mask crowd believe they have the constitutional righ to put our lives in harms way, I’ve never seen anything so sickening in my life.

    As deadly as the Covid 19 pandemic is, future viruses will probably be much more deadly. I hope we come to our senses by then.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, you’re right. Covid-19 has become a political tool, even though it may not have started out that way.

      What I find irritating is that no matter which country you live in, we are completely helpless because politicians making the decisions aren’t making decisions that will continue to keep us safe.

      We can see it playing out, we’ve understood the issues, but we’re literally helpless. We are divided and as you say Covid-19 is divisive. It is political and we are caught up in the crossfire.

      It’s hard to imagine a life free of the virus and yet, we have had the opportunity to reduce it. By continuing to physically cover up and social distance we are giving ourselves the chance.

      The scientists couldn’t have been more clear.

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