The little accomplishments

Isn’t it funny that we only see the big accomplishments; the little accomplishments we don’t see or even acknowledge. They come in many forms, but we cannot change what we don’t always recognise and maybe that’s part of the problem.

Why is it that we fail to recognise the little things and only see the big things? We get to a certain age, look back and begin to feel disgruntled that we haven’t accomplished anything. Everything we’ve succeeded at should be accomplishments in their own right. Accomplishments aren’t just the big stuff. They make up and are part of the little things.

Perhaps we should be looking at the little accomplishments too. It’s the only way we’ll begin to see that we have achieved and that we’ve come further than we think. When we learn to perceive everything we have achieved in our lives, we will begin to see all our accomplishment, little or big.

7 Nov, 2013

2 thoughts on “The little accomplishments

  1. I recognize all accomplishments big or little, especially of others. It’s important to our growth and well being.
    It’s important for our mental status that the little things as well as the big things are acknowledged.

    I remember as a child growing up, my parents didn’t seem to acknowledge the good things I was able to do but do something bad and it was well known. My sister on the other hand was acknowledged for everything she did.

    They never told me how proud they were of me and I guess I hold that against them. No wonder I didn’t start seeing my own accomplishments until I became older.

    I let my children know how proud of them I am, even if their choices aren’t the ones I wanted for them. I think it’s important that we especially let our children know we are proud of them for the things they do.

    1. Yes you’re absolutely right Lisa. Not only must we acknowledge both big and small accomplishments, we must help others to recognise theirs too.

      I’m in the same camp as you. My parents found it difficult to tell me how proud of me they were and didn’t recognise any of my accomplishments, (I must have had some!) It’s never easy recognising any of our accomplishments when that part of our lives is constantly being ignored.

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