The Moral to the Story

The film, ‘Marley and Me’ whose moral was about life and what life means, resonated but it wasn’t until the end of the film that the moral of the story became clear.

The film was centred round a dog that came into a young couple’s life and turned their life upside down. Their dog was affectionate, wanted attention and became the complete focus of their relationship, which at times proved too much for both of them.

As they began to add to their family, it became obvious that their dog although was still the main focus, was fast becoming important in their lives. They began to realise how much richer their lives had become and just how important their dog was to them, how much unconditional love they got back without asking for anything back in return.

They began to question what they had and began to see that their lives weren’t about fancy cars or big houses. Pets don’t care if we’re rich or poor, clever or dumb, judge or make comments about people. They just want to be loved.

Animals make us feel extraordinary, they make us feel loved, they make us feel valued that we are the most important people in their world. They live with basic values and necessities. That’s not how we are.

We can live by the same values in our own life, without a pet. We must look around us, see the beauty in our lives and know that whatever we deal with, it’s the basics in our life that are the most important.

16 May, 2011

8 thoughts on “The Moral to the Story

  1. While it would be nice to see humanity treating each other this way, we live in a selfish world and these values aren’t often instilled in us.

    As you have rightly highlighted we can learn a lot from our pets. They tend to make us stand back and look around with humility, to appreciate the simple things in life and I like that.

    1. I agree that sometimes these values aren’t instilled in us and living in a materialistic world makes it all the more difficult. I personally think the basics and simple values are the way forward.

      No one ever gains peace trying to compete in a materialist world.

  2. Thankfully I have always valued people more than things. I have always been that way. The special friendships I have made are very dear to me and always will be. Things can be replaced. Friends cannot.

  3. We have a toy poodle that has brought so much joy into our lives.

    I don’t remember what it was like before we got Josie but life has had more meaning and value. Our dog is very needy and has attachment issues.

    I never realized how much they depend on us. She is like a little baby that needs everything. I don’t think there is anybody out there that depends totally on themselves.

    1. I am pleased that Josie has brought more value and meaning into your life. I believe they give us a new understanding of how our life should be, although some families with pets may not automatically see those values.

      I am pleased that you do.

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