The need to be proactive

I haven’t always been strong, determined or confident. Truth be known, growing up I was the complete opposite. I needed to stop relying on others where I wasn’t getting the help and rely on myself instead.

As a child I lost my way, but my thoughts would continually keep me occupied. It wasn’t until I came out of therapy because it wasn’t working that I realised I was literally on my own. I needed my life to work, for me to be proactive. That it was up to me to change, only I could get my life back on track.

Responding to The CP Diary blogs, works much in the same way. By being pro-active, and taking a few minutes each day to think about the contents of the blogs and how what’s written makes us feel, we’re forced to analyse their relevance to our own situation, thoughts and feelings that are triggered by our own issues.

Whether it’s a non-fictional or fictional book we’re reading, once the book goes down its contents are usually left where we’ve put the book down, forgotten days after we’ve read it, unless we keep going back to read its contents. As life gets in the way and emotional issues spiral, we get stuck in what seems like a permanent emotional rut.

I know how much better I feel and how much more my life has moved forward because I am proactive. It’s a catch 22. We want to feel better, but making the initial move seems completely out of reach. The key to any change is being proactive.

The CP Diary helps us think about what we’re reading and what others’ responses mean, allowing us to incorporate those responses into everyday life and that helps us become more pro-active. I think about what I write and what I write changes the way I see things.

From a difficult past to a more proactive life through my own responses on what I write, I have become more emotionally active. Life doesn’t just right itself by us waiting for something to happen. We have to make things happen and to do that we must be proactive.

Being proactive will always make us feel better, but we have to make the transition.

13 Sep, 2016

10 thoughts on “The need to be proactive

  1. I read the CP Diary because it helps me clean the dust from the corners of my life. It keeps my attention focused on spiritual development and it encourages me to make healthy decisions through atonement and sound judgement; I left that other lifestyle behind.

    As you know, we spend our entire lives navigating problem rivers, isn’t it great to get a little help sometimes?

    1. Thanks Tim. The CP Diary opens our eyes as to how to live our life.

      Although the Diary has been running for just over 6 years, the Diary has enabled me to explain how I live my life and have been for many years. The change was that long ago, I don’t recognise the girl in the photograph.

      In life we all work through different issues, but the message is the same. We take what we need. Through the diary I have learned a different way to be through a lifetime of experiences. My life has become defined by all that is good.

      My site also allows me to make and live with healthy decisions and sound judgments. I am more at peace. I have learned a different way and am now living a more calm and peaceful existence.

      I think the hard part for all of us is being able to navigate our lives around other people and issues I feel my site is a beacon for all that is good; a beacon for hope; a beacon of support for each other.

      The Diary is a safe place where judgment will never be passed. Instead we offer support and a listening ear. It’s also good to talk and have somewhere to go, where we can just be ourselves.

      1. You’re absolutely right Ilana. I failed to mention that nothing is shameful here or embarrassing.

        When we assimilate into this one forum, we are one people, like a special family; it’s great to be involved with something like that.

        1. I’m so pleased you feel the same way about the site. Your last sentence resonates with me.

          It’s lovely to hear your thoughts.

  2. Your blogs show how we can take a step back and change what we need to change.

    It’s empowering; we just need to understand that we all have the ability to choose that path and you help us to see we have that choice, it is ours to make. Thank you for that.

    1. Without your support and other people’s support on all your responses, I couldn’t write my blogs; express my thoughts; feelings or experiences. We help each other.

      As Tim expressed so eloquently… on the site we are one family. That’s truly how I feel too.

  3. I was away from the Diary for a while unfortunately. Now that I’m back on it, it’s so helpful and therapeutic.

    As I read these blogs, I find myself more motivated to stay active as much as possible, especially with all the ugliness in the world. Thank you Ilana!

    I thank God I found you. I believe this is part of your purpose here.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. I’m pleased my blogs help you, as they help me too, particularly with motivation. Not always easy when we deal with something that neurologically makes us different.

      The Diary is a place where we can vent, get to know other people who feel like family. Thanks for being a part of that Bonnie.

  4. Awww anytime Ilana! Thank you for allowing me to participate in this and bonding friendships along the way to a better life!

    1. Thank you Bonnie!! I really mean that. I couldn’t do what I do without you and everyone else responding on my site.

      I feel we are journeying through the site together and are forming bonding friendships along the way. Thanks.

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