The odd one out

“The odd one out is a person or thing is different from or kept apart from others that form a group or set.” – Cambridge Dictionary

It is because I have autism that I am considered different and sigmatised and seen as ‘the odd one out.’  I have always struggled to fit in. My nemesis is autism, but anyone who is different from the norm may often be seen as ‘the odd one out.’

In my younger years it bothered me, today it doesn’t bother me at all, but I still think it important I write about these things. It helps us to continue to put our lives into context, so that we are able to see and do things differently.

When anyone is different, they’re mentally and emotionally different and that can cut them off. Not because they voluntarily choose to stand out, but because society continues to pigeon hole them into feeling and being different. On a spiritual and universal level we are no different, it’s society that needs to change.

Where everyone is scrambling to be the same, you are unique because you stand out. And when it comes to making decisions or success, it shouldn’t matter whether people understand, support or approve, our decisions aren’t theirs. If you were confident before, you shall be confident again.

Your life, and the way you live your life, shouldn’t matter. What matters is what you think. Society needs to approve. It needs to fast forward, accept we’re all different and just be okay.

Today’s blog is dedicated to George Floyd RIP and his family.

21 Apr, 2021

2 thoughts on “The odd one out

  1. Being different means you don’t blend in and don’t match up to people’s expectations of you and the jigsaw of everyday life. If that is a problem then it’s someone else’s to own, not yours.

    To some extent you have be on the outside looking in to be able to question, think and analyse, so take it as a compliment; perhaps it’s not such a bad place to be.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I also don’t think it’s such a bad place to be, the problem is society makes you feel bad it’s where you’re at.

      I think if more people came together and learned to be a support to one another, it wouldn’t matter who you were, what job you did, how much money you had, or where you lived.

      I think the problem is we’re more earthly than spiritual and therefore we’re holding on to earthly trappings and not spiritual ones.

      Sadly, the majority of people work off the ego and are therefore not in tune with themselves.

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