The same old feelings

The emotional ties of having to bring stability to my life takes time and effort and can be an emotional strain sometimes.

Keeping my family’s lives on track, means having to pull out the stops constantly. I have to think quickly on my feet and put all that I deal with emotionally, on hold. That isn’t easy.

I never stop to think about what I deal with, not consciously anyway. I tend to go go back to having had no emotional support. It weighs heavily sometimes. Through my blogs I have a different thought process each time.

There are other times when I stop to question my thoughts, but there are also times where I feel I’m coping well and seem happy, then I revert back. It may be that I’ve not come out of that place fully.

The place I retreat to when I’m feeling down, the safety net that’s around me. The place I usually come out of when I feel stronger.

6 Oct, 2010

2 thoughts on “The same old feelings

  1. I think sometimes when we are busy worrying with others problems it’s to keep us from thinking about what we deal with. Like you, I tend to go to that safety net when I get depressed and am forced to think about all that I deal with physically.

    Staying busy keeps my mind off of it. I don’t go looking for things they just happen and when I think everything is going great it all falls apart again with a family member.

    My pediatrician told my mother that I was going to be the type of person who had to be doing something all the time. At the time I was in high school, dance school, voice lessons, piano lessons and drum majorette. So as a child I was always busy. I even taught dance at the dance school I attended.

    I understand where your coming from. When we grow up with physical problems it’s what we know and it’s how we live daily just like people that have no problems. We see ourselves as normal because to us it is normal.

    1. Lisa I think that the safety net issue is probably something we all do in one form of another given with what we deal with. It’s a form of escapism. Somewhere familiar which is safe.

      I know when I’m there I don’t think at all. I tend to switch off and think of nothing. It helps me refocus and re-group so that my head is clear to face the world again.

      I understand what you are saying about things just happening, you don’t look for things. I think that is true of life though, we don’t go out of our way to look for things to happen. Family come and find us!

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