The small things

It’s easy to look back on our parents’ lives, to see how they could have changed things to make their family life more complete.

It’s the children who lose out when parents choose to live their lives in ways that benefit them, but don’t always benefit their children. Some children are made to fit into their parents’ lives, not all parents will fit their lives into those of their children.

Children want their parents to be present and to offer emotional support, love and guidance. Furnishing children with gifts isn’t a substitute, and doesn’t show them that their parents care about them.

However we parent, I believe it is important we leave positive imprints on our children’s lives. They are huge parts of our lives and as parents, we need to nurture that.

5 Apr, 2013

6 thoughts on “The small things

  1. I guess I was one of the lucky ones growing up. I had and still have great parents. We did family things. My father really wasn’t into going to the beach, but we all went as a family and sometimes brought along one of our friends and we went every year for our vacation.

    My children have had it hard. All of them have had some kind of problem, be it physical or mental to deal with, but I’ve been there for each one of them. They have been there for me in their own way.

    I feel we could have done more for our older children though, both of which have moved away to start their own lives.

    1. Don’t be too hard on yourself Lisa. I think we can always do more, that’s life but we should at least start and put the effort in, in the first place.

      Each generation does more than the last, but not everyone will buy into that lifestyle and that’s such a shame. Whether we’re the parent or the child, we should all come together and make the effort.

  2. My mom always fitted her life around her kids and therefore I do the same for my son.

    You are right to say that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to show your children you care. Saying I love you often and giving them hugs and telling them you care, goes a long way.

    My brother’s ex-wife had a lot of money and her parents shipped her off to boarding school. She was jealous of my brother and our family’s relationship with one another. She said that her mother hardly ever told her that she loved her, let alone hugged her.

    They say money can’t buy you love, in her instance it’s certainly true. I feel for people like that, going through life without knowing their parents care.

    My family may not be financially rich but we are very wealthy in our love for one another. The best things in life are free, a little love goes a long way for our children.

  3. I agree with everything you have said here. It’s more important to be there for your children than to give them stuff. I have always felt that way.

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