The spirit of The CP Diary

I started my blog 7 years ago because I wanted to talk about my late Cerebral Palsy diagnosis, to understand my life and my experiences to that point. It was to be my first positive step for change and this is what the Diary does.

I needed to find a place for my emotions coming into an initial diagnosis late. When people started responding on my blogs and together with my replies, I began to see greater potential with my blog. I quickly discovered that my responses were benefiting and helping others with what they were dealing with.

That mutual process is what’s at the heart of my website and I would love for that to continue to grow. Many more people read my blogs and that’s amazing, but in times of emotional struggle there can be a lull with fewer responses.

We can all benefit so much from helping each other through talking about what we deal with. Please let’s help one another by continuing to respond.

14 Dec, 2017

8 thoughts on “The spirit of The CP Diary

  1. I bet you didn’t know I eavesdropped on you this morning, feeling your spirit. The same way you brought our minds together and scratched our scars. That is the actual spirit of the CP Diary, refreshing as closing your eyes under water.

    So please don’t fret about the responses or lack thereof at this point, your vision cannot be stopped.

  2. Thanks Tim. Well I’m not usually speechless, but your response has left me without words. Your thinking encompasses my thinking about the Diary too.

    Yes, I couldn’t run or write for the site in the way I do without all of your kind responses. Over the years they have become an important and integral part of the site.

  3. Yes, The CP Diary has become very important to me, as the subject that comes up is usually the kind of subject that I’m dealing with, right at that moment.

    You not only discuss your late Cerebral Palsy diagnosis, but a lot of the other unaddressed issues that you have had to deal with, which I can so relate to.

    It is kind of nice to get a certain amount of feedback, so you know that people are hearing you, which makes such a big difference when you grew up in a world where people weren’t really listening.

    There are a lot of issues that I’m having to address now that should have been dealt with when I was a kid.

    Neither one of us received the appropriate kinds of treatment, nor were our issues properly acknowledged, which I think was the worst thing of all.

    Keep up the great work.

    1. Yes, there’s usually something that I’m dealing with that springs to mind that concurs with what you’ve had to deal with.

      Although our upbringing was slightly different, emotionally we’ve both struggled. Glad you find my feedback helpful.

      It’s a team effort Randy. Without your responses, I would surely struggle to keep the site functioning in this format, which clearly works for us all.

      Thanks for your support. I am intending to keep up with the good work!

  4. Hooray for 7 good years of blogging. I’ve come here on and off for awhile. I’ve noticed a silent confidence in your writing.

    Coming to terms with your diagnosis and accepting your limitations is key. You know what you can and can’t do and you effortlessly transition between the two.

    You don’t let anything stop you and you definitely are being heard by us. Please continue to write as I find your writing easy to relate to.

    Good luck in the coming New Year and keep us glued to our seats.

    1. Thanks Maria. I draw comfort from your words and can rest easier hearing your words.

      It helps for us to have understanding on what we deal with and to know others understand through what they deal with. It makes those experiences feel easier.

      There is definitely an insecure side to me that rears its ugly head. I think it is in those quiet times where I panic and think I may have to change the way I do things. I then become even more insecure, because I know what good it’s doing and I don’t want it to end.

      Thanks for hearing me. Through your words, I hear you too and will always aim to help.

  5. I agree with Tim, Randy and Maria. Don’t worry if you have quiet phases on your site.

    It has gathered an unstoppable momentum, like a tiny locomotive engine leaving one station and arriving at another as a long freight train with dozens of carriages. It’s taking us all with it, on a wonderful journey and I have bought a lifetime ticket!

    1. It’s a help to know how others feel about my blogs and site. I know the spirit of the Diary will never diminish because it’s a part of me.

      There is still a part of me through my own insecurities that can’t help but be concerned of course. I suppose it comes with any big responsibility.

      The site is a responsibility, there’s no getting away from that. You all make what I do possible and like a dream I don’t want it to end.

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