The teaching of Karma

As a child, I was always aware of the existence of something bigger. Although I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, or what I now know to be Buddhism, I was already living by some of its teachings and beliefs. Now I use it in everyday life. It helps me understand and come to terms with most or all of my experiences.

Karma, part of the teachings of Buddhism, is a belief system that for every action there is a reaction. It is a belief that if we put out kindness, kindness will find us. If we tell lies, it won’t be long before someone lies about us. Karma bounces back when we least expect. It may not happen when we want it to, but it’s something we can’t avoid or stop.

If we attach our life to unsavoury people, when their karma bounces back to teach them their lessons, so will ours by association. It’s part of how the universe works. We also live karma in everyday life.

I believe that when we use compassion, forgiveness and kindness, we set a more positive precedent to bring good back into our lives. Karma is powerful, and not something we should work against. If we all took on board the teachings of karma, we would continue to contribute to our lives very differently.

Karma allows us to take responsibility for the way we choose to live our lives. If you believe you live your own karma, you will choose and want to live a more spiritual life and make better choices for you and your family. It is important more of us choose to believe in karma.

When we continue to blame others and fail to take responsibility for ourselves, we will continue to mentally and emotionally struggle. When we blame karma for our difficulties and struggles, without taking control back for ourselves, karma will be responsible for more pain and physical hardships.

15 Jul, 2011

2 thoughts on “The teaching of Karma

  1. I believe in karma also.

    I believe that we get what we give and I’ve seen it happen. I had a boss once that would find something ridiculous to get people fired, just because she didn’t like them. Well she ended up getting found out for all the wrongs she had done and ended up getting fired herself.

    Now that was much deserved justice in my book because she tried to write me up for something absolutely ridiculous, but I found out she was going to do it before she did and I quit before she got a chance.

    I was there long enough to see her get fired and it’s awful I know, but that was a pleasant thing to me. To see her get what she deserved was satisfying.

    1. I understand your sentiments Lisa. I’ve seen it too in my own family last year, but I live with the knowledge that we’re all accountable and will be judged on our actions, regardless of what those actions are.

      It will just happen, I don’t need to wish it to happen.

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