The universe and its laws

I’ve already done a very short blog on the universal laws, but wanted to elaborate further. When we do something that goes against the universe that something will never work for us, but when we apply the universal laws, we will always bring good intentions and things into our lives. The universe acts as a tool for right and wrong.

When we fail at something we often blame someone else, but the truth is, it’s the universe that conspires to work against us when it thinks that what we’re doing is wrong. I believe if more of us began to use and apply the basic universal principles, we would have more understanding of how everything works and how that manifests itself in our success.

It’s important for us to at least try to understand how the laws work and fit those laws into our every day lives. With an understanding, a pattern will emerge. As we apply the rules of the universe and begin to understand how those rules work, we will not only make better decisions for ourselves, but for others too. Not only will we also get to see and understand the bigger picture of what we need to deal with, but we will also learn to communicate that too.

The universe invites us to seek out the answers as to why our lives turn out a certain way and what we can personally do to change it. Once we apply the laws, we will automatically take charge of and will eventually re-direct and continue to re-direct our lives in the way we want our lives to go.

The more we continue to apply the universal law, the more we will intuitively grow. When we intuitively grow, we consciously become more aware of everything and everyone around us and that’s when we’ll be more in control of our lives.

Not only then will our lives become more meaningful, but we will also be more at peace with ourselves and with others.

18 Apr, 2014

4 thoughts on “The universe and its laws

    1. Yes karma is one aspect of the Universal Laws, but there are another 19 such laws! I can understand why you could be confused!

      Perhaps with a little bit more understanding of how the Universe and its laws work, you wouldn’t feel so confused. It can be quite daunting in the beginning, but well worth its understanding, particularly if you were to introduce it as a way of life.

      It’s a belief system that brings about calm, peace and tranquility in our lives as well as gives us a better understanding of how life works and gives us the bigger picture.

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