The Universe speaks

Whether we believe in the universe and its laws is immaterial to the universe. The universe will always catch up with us on the things we ignore. The universe will always send out its signs, even if don’t understand how the universe works, or we ignore its signs.

The universe speaks, but we’re blissfully unaware. Signs will come in the form of an instinct, a sense of inner knowing that something is true even though it feels implausible. The sign may also be an answer that directs us down a certain path we probably wouldn’t have taken, or even considered.

If something seems much harder than it should be, it’s usually a sign from the universe that what we’re trying to do isn’t working and that we should think about taking a different path.

The universe will always catch up with us on the things that it deems improper and wrong and will serve to right that wrong. No one is exempt. When we learn to listen to the universe, our lives will become more effortless.

14 Apr, 2015

6 thoughts on “The Universe speaks

  1. It’s comforting to know that there is truth in sayings about karma, payback and the like.

    I believe it and often rely on that rather than intervening in a situation that I know would be difficult or would have implications I would rather not deal with.

    1. Thanks, yes I agree, it is very comforting to know the universe is there and helps with things like Karma and payback.

      For anyone who deal with difficult circumstances, in the way you describe, believing in the universe certainly helps takes the stress out of certain situations and allows us to wait for things to happen in its rightful way.

  2. Most of my life has seemed to be harder than it should be so I guess I have missed a lot of signs!

    There have been a few along the way, which my fear has kept me from following. There were many things I wanted to do in my life which I should have. The hard part to accept is that I didn’t and missed out on so much in my life and especially my daughter’s life.

    What I have been hearing lately is something that needs to be addressed as in how ‘mental illness’ has such stigmas attached to it. People equate it with the worst things that people end up doing, but those are people who are usually unmedicated and untreated on top of not accepting their condition. It’s understandable why people do this because the cure seems worse than the disease sometimes, in my mind!

    I know there’s a lot I can do considering I have first hand knowledge of mental illness. People have written so many “self-help” books which don’t do a lot of good if you don’t have the same experiences. Kind of like the blind leading the blind in a sense.

    My biggest fear has been to do so will mean exposing things from my past that I’m not proud of but obviously can’t change. I watched a show where they were risking their own lives ‘for the greater good,’ which feels like what I have to do to help others and be able to move on in my life!

    1. Yes, fear keeps us from moving on with our lives, changing and dealing with so many things that we have to deal with Randy. I completely understand you; but feel we talk ourselves into so much more and coupled with apprehension, we then do very little about moving on, or changing what we know.

      You know so much about your life Randy; I believe you can change many aspects of it just by taking your guilt out of the equation and letting your bad experiences go.

      I’ve heard you speak about your own spiritual beliefs. I know you believe about the universe. When you can utilise what you know to change certain aspects of your life Randy, then you’ll be more than ready to help others.

  3. I believe our intuition is how the universe guides us. If something doesn’t feel right, it must not be right.

    Sometimes we don’t listen to our intuition for fear of upsetting someone or aggravating a situation. We need to do what feels right for us not what people expect from us.

    1. Thanks Maria yes I believe our intuition is how the universe guides us too, although I’m not sure how many people understand the universe and its concepts.

      As we go about our daily lives we don’t ever stop to think about our intuition or how the universe fits into our thinking. If we did, I am sure more of us would make better choices. By intuitively understanding our lives better we would know exactly what to do, even if it meant upsetting someone, or aggravating a situation.

      I believe you’re right, we should do what feels right for us and not what people expect from us. Our lives are for us to live, not for someone else.

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