The use of quotes

I’m no stranger to quotes. I use them on the Diary and on social media too. I love quotes because they incorporate people’s truth and make others think about their lives, where they are in their lives.

They resonate with us, they’re fantastic at bringing our thoughts into focus, allowing us to continue to think about our wants and needs. They also help shape our thinking and bring clarity and understanding into the equation, where we may not have either, but there is also a down side to them as well.

Quotes only work if we use them for clarity and understanding, then move on. They can’t work if we simply use them to reinforce where we are, because we’ll continue to stay stuck.

I use quotes on my site that inspire me that I aspire to. I use quotes that show me an understanding, a new perspective, quotes that give me a positive focus, a different outlook and clarity on my thinking. I don’t however, use quotes that serve to reinforce where I am.

So, the next time you choose a quote, choose one that doesn’t reinforce where you are, but allows you to think about how you can attain clarity and understanding, how you can focus more, how you can change and how you can move on.

It will always become counterproductive when we use quotes to reinforce where we are, but we’re not shown and they don’t help us understand how to move on.

23 Apr, 2017

2 thoughts on “The use of quotes

  1. I think your choice of quotes is superb. They are both thought provoking and a call for change and I try to look for the message in each of them.

    1. Thank you! I think so too and I do too. I always look for the message. We can learn a lot through other people’s experiences.

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