Thinking positive thoughts

I have already blogged on The CP Diary about an injury sustained from an assault two years ago. Unfortunately, from the sustained injury, another operation is now necessary, but of course that comes with risks and more uncertainties for us all to have to deal with as a family.

As hard as it is, perhaps we need to tell ourselves that it’s time to draw a line under what’s been, so that we can move forward, think positive thoughts and make new decisions so that we can move on with our lives.

Choose to focus on the following:

  • Question any thoughts and any fears you have and tell yourself that the new path you are choosing is the right path. Do your own research on what you intend to change so that you are comfortable;
  • If you hold fear on your new thoughts, break those down into a manageable list so that you’re working through all of your emotions. Be responsible and accountable for your decisions so that you stick with any new decisions;
  • Don’t look back. That only serves to throw more doubt into the equation with what if scenarios. Stay focused, so that you build your life around any new decisions you make;
  • If something has to change that you have no control over, there’s no point in worrying about it. It’s important to leave the past in the past and move on;
  • The decisions we make are usually right because we’ve made them. If we were supposed to take a different path, we would have made a different choice.

I know that the decision we go on to make will be right, although still uncertain at this stage as we continue to work through our research. Once the research is finished, we have to trust and believe that everything will be okay.

1 May, 2012

6 thoughts on “Thinking positive thoughts

  1. I used to be a whole lot more positive than I am at the moment but I’m hopeful that I can put this all behind mw very soon and look forward without this cloud hanging over my head any longer.

    I cannot wait to draw a mental line under the last two years as it has completely drained me.

    1. I understand you completely.

      I believe it’s important to hold on to your beliefs that all will be well in the end. Time changes, situations change and nothing ever stays the same. You will move on from this.

      What happened does seem like a lifetime but I know this will come right. I hope you will try to stay both positive and focused even when emotionally you don’t feel all of those things. It should help.

  2. We made the decision to adopt about 18 months ago and it has been a battle since, but we won’t give up.

    We will be glad when we can put the struggles behind us and have our family together.

    1. I agree. As I said in my original post it’s important for us all to try to stay positive regardless of what we deal with.

  3. I’m trying to learn how to think positively since I know it would make my life a lot better.

    I grew up in a very negative world,so it has been difficult to change my way of thinking. I know that it will take some time and effort to turn things around.

    1. It’s good that you have recognised the need to think positively and it does take time, but it is the first step to changing anything. If you can continue to do it, you will certainly find it helpful.

      That is what I always try to do, even more so now that I have more uncertainties to work through.

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