This morning’s thoughts

I’ve woken up with so many thoughts this morning, probably brought about through hospital visits this weekend and all the other things I still have to deal with. I am tired of feeling tired, because I’m working through hoops trying to straighten my life out in one way or another.

Although things seem brighter, I’m still working through the same scenario on my father’s health. I’m still not happy with the chemotherapy route and am definitely not a great fan. Having seen my father struggle for months with various side effects, I am even less of a fan now.

I am under no illusion when I think about the problems with cancer. Having been through it once before with another family member, I am even more informed about it now, having done months of my own research. I’m not under any illusion about the outcome this time round and still feel the same way.

A few months into treatment and although we’re still dealing with problems, they’re different problems now, problems that definitely are proving to be more of a concern as each day passes. The more problems we face the more difficult things seem.

As I watch my father continue to struggle, I hope he is thinking about what he really wants to do about his treatment. To constantly have to deal with side effects that are beginning to interfere with his long term health, isn’t really a life.

I wish we would all come back to re-assess, including my father.

16 Jul, 2012

2 thoughts on “This morning’s thoughts

  1. I totally understand where you’re coming from and can understand your concerns. I hope things work out for the best soon.

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