Those who judge

Even though I grew up with physical and mental struggles, my spiritual beliefs were always there. Those times were incredibly hard but being judged was harder.

It is because we are products of our upbringing and environment that judgments are formed. Others judge us on what they think they know about us. How we think and feel, stems from how our parents think about themselves, what our parents think about us and how they judge others.

As a child with special needs and learning difficulties, I spent my life under-achieving. My academic struggles were synonymous with me, rather than with the fact that I had a disability that affected my ability to learn. In school, I was a non-achiever.

But it’s not just family who judge. The wider community also judges. News that travels fast that gets back to us that we hear about indirectly. Although I didn’t know what my disability was, some of the symptoms were obvious and no judgments should have been passed.

As my disability shows, we can’t always assume we know what someone deals with and in any case it is simply wrong to judge and it’s not the spiritual way.

28 May, 2019

4 thoughts on “Those who judge

  1. It’s wrong for us to judge anyone. Perhaps we should use judgment instead of judging.

    When we explore beliefs and understanding instead of judging, we open a door to expanded awareness and acceptance.

    I learned a while ago not to hold much importance to what people may think and in turn I try not to be judgmental towards others.

    The only person we should be judging is ourselves.

    1. Thanks. Yes, judgment to decide whether it’s appropriate to judge. Not everything needs a comment from us.

      There is too much strife in the world already. Instead we must take on supportive roles that incorporate understanding, tolerance, patience, empathy and compassion.

      I know our relationships would thrive more and the world would be better with just these qualities for company.

  2. Judging people helps me in no way whatsoever. When people show me who they really are I normally believe them. I gauge folks based on their actions, which sometimes leads me to the truth.

    But just plain judging people from self-righteousness is wrong and perhaps dangerous.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes you believe people will tell you the truth and don’t look for a motive or a hidden agenda. That makes you a kind person.

      That is exactly what we should all do. Avoid people with hidden agendas or motives. Actions do speak louder than words.

      The universe judges us by our actions and therefore it is right to judge others by their actions, if their actions set out to hurt or belittle others.

      I think you’re right, when others judge from a place of being self-righteous that is totally wrong, particularly when it involves the ego.

      The ego in itself is dangerous because it will have you believe you can do and say anything to anyone. It has no boundaries.

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