Thoughts about moving abroad

Having watched a neighbour’s family prepare for a new life in Canada and watching the TV documentary ‘Stephen Fry in America’ brought about memories of my near move to the States.

From what I recall from the documentary Stephen Fry’s father turned down a job at Princeton University, in favour of Hampstead in England and although Stephen Fry has no connections in America, from what he said a part of him feels as though he belongs there. It’s weird but I feel exactly the same.

When I was a little girl, my father’s plan was for my family to go and live in America. This almost happened three times; we were so close to it happening. My father never really settled in England. Having lived in a hot country all of his life, he couldn’t take the winters in England. He never wanted to live full time in England.

His plan was stay in England for a short while, then move to America. Although my life is here in England, I feel I will always have a connection. I think the constant reminders through the winter months were always there that we were potentially going to move.

When I see or hear of other families making a new life, it brings back memories of what could have been for me. May be part of me doesn’t want my thoughts to change.

24 Aug, 2011

4 thoughts on “Thoughts about moving abroad

  1. I often wonder if I lived in a warm climate all year round what that would be like.

    I hate winters here in Canada they are cold and seem to last forever. Summers seem so short. I have never lived anywhere but here. I think it would be weird to have the same climate year round. Sure would make it easier to get around, but I think I would miss the four seasons.

    Fall tends to be very nice here with the changing of the leaves. They change from green to various pretty colours.

    1. Randy, sounds like you get the summers, albeit short.

      I think my father would probably have settled for those summers and is probably the reason he wanted to settled in the States. Even now the weather in England is so much more unpredictable than it was back then.

      The way you describe fall in Canada with all the leaves changing colour, sounds pretty.

  2. Where I live in North Carolina we get all the seasons. The winters are hard for me because I’m a warm weather person. Our winters range from warm to very cold. It’s the very cold, snow and ice that I can’t stand.

    I would love living where the summers lasted all year round, but I guess I would miss the nice fall weather with the changing of the trees. People travel to where I live to see the fall colors and of course spring is nice also with all the new flowers blooming.

    I guess I’ll stay where I’m at and just toughen up when it comes to the cold winter.

    1. I think my father thought the same about the English winters here even though they probably weren’t as bad as how you’ve described your winters in North Carolina; probably one of the reasons why he wanted to move to the States all those years ago.

      I’m not sure how he feels now.

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