Thoughts of self-esteem

As children, we don’t think about what self-esteem or confidence is. As a child, it’s not something I ever questioned. I’m not sure as children we’re old enough, or mature enough to equate or understand our feelings emotionally, or what they all mean.

Looking back of course, it’s easy to see how a negative self-image and a lack of self-confidence forms part of our childhood, but for me they were the least of my worries. I was angry and frustrated at having to work through my physical and emotional struggles alone, to concern myself over any self-esteem or confidence issues.

I am sure though, for me having the ability to think about my thoughts as a child, saved me from some very low moments around my emotional issues, any emotional issues would start to be corrected.

14 Oct, 2016

4 thoughts on “Thoughts of self-esteem

  1. I don’t think children are that self-aware when young. I was certainly a very confident child, but I don’t think I was aware of that confidence in the way that I am as an adult.

    Perhaps that’s something we could work on.

    1. Thanks, yes, perhaps if children were taught about their emotions and spiritual side in school, they would come to understand more earlier and that would help with self-esteem and confidence.

      Maturity is always part of this scenario. We always understand more through emotional maturity.

  2. One thing I hate is false pride, which is what my self-esteem really was. For the most part I carried it with me, poised as ever, but it was the wrong kind of self-esteem.

    Sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves and slap the wind out of our attitude.

    1. For myself, I’m not sure I was in the mood to laugh at myself, or slap the wind out of my attitude, but if I were to it would be a coping mechanism.

      We learn how to work our lives around confidence and self-esteem issues as if our lives depended on it. As you rightly say, we stay poised so as not to give anything away.

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