Thoughts on handling Covid-19

I never dreamed when starting my blog, I’d end up having to write about a virus that would affect my life greatly, our lives in fact. I also don’t think I’ll come to terms with Covid-19 and its handling by the UK Government. When I think I’m getting there, a little voice in my head says ‘no.’

Having to deal with any virus on a global scale would send any government into a tailspin, enormously difficult to address and to get their head around. I get that. In the early days, just thinking about it would send my head into one, but wanting to care is the first step, to any form of change moving forward and us doing the best we can, no matter the circumstances.

In the beginning and with autism, I struggled to understand the enormity of Covid and that scared me. Truthfully, there wasn’t enough information from the UK government allowing me to understand and that continued to send my anxiety into overdrive with many sleepless nights. I was worried to step out the front door for fear of catching Covid.

Two years into Covid, and I am now struggling with the fact that I am permanently confined to my home, because the precautionary measures that were originally in place, the measures that could keep ‘us’ safe are lifted and have been for some time. With the precautionary measures lifted, we have all been given the green light to get back into our lives.

For those like myself who have and deal with a disability and an immune disorder; or any other disability, for those who deal with anxiety or depression, for anyone else who may struggle to venture out of their homes, for those people who don’t agree with us being told there are no need for masks, when we know the opposite to be true, they will choose to stay away from public places. For people like me and those we share our lives with, we can’t get back into our lives.

The vaccine doesn’t go far enough. The truth is that although the vaccine can help prevent serious illness from Covid and in some cases prevent death, the realities are that you can still catch Covid and Long-Covid, even if you are double jabbed and the scientists have no time-scale on that.

Some of the restrictions put in place initially in the UK, should still be in place, even more so because we’re out of our homes. With restrictions still in place, those with a disability could venture out of their homes and into public spaces. That is the right thing to do. Physical precautionary measures keep everyone safe. They were allowing us to get back into our lives safely. Now I have no choice but to stay home.

I appreciate a pandemic is difficult to manage, but it is clear from the Covid report that some of the UK Government’s decisions have not been in our best interests and that is the truth. Instead, their decisions have left families struggling to comprehend their loss of loved ones and others family members struggling with Covid. I have no life outside of my home.

According to the report ‘Decision Making Crisis’ on Covid-19 in 2020, produced by the Institute for Government there were widespread instances of issues where different decisions should have been made by the UK government. (Source:

Instead the UK Government have left it up to us to use our common sense and that’s not working, because cases are rising again. Sadly, many people are following the Government’s advice and not their own common sense, because they are desperate to have a life.

In any event, it is up to governments to make the decisions that will keep us safe. Following the UK’s Governments rules, no one is safe.

18 Oct, 2021

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on handling Covid-19

  1. I am pleased you write blogs in this capacity and you’re right to write about them. They not only help you come to terms with what’s going on in the world around what you have to deal with, but they also highlight issues that others may struggle with too.

    Official reports are now condemning the way the UK government handled the pandemic. Governing at this time is such a difficult job and no government can be expected to get everything right, but the difficulty I also have is this government’s failures could have been avoided had they listened to the scientific evidence and acted sooner.

    The problem in the UK is that the government has a large majority and does not have to rely on any political consensus. That, coupled with a cabinet of nationalistic narcissists doesn’t make for a sensible approach to the pandemic and many thousands of lives have been lost unnecessarily. Those people whose lives have been lost belonged to someone.

    I am hopeful peoples’ distaste for the UK government’s management will be apparent at the next election but I’m not holding my breath.

    1. Thank you. Yes, writing about these things do make me feel better even though I don’t have control over the outcomes.

      A problem shared helps me to know I am not alone. It is not only important that we read about these things, it is also important to act.

      Everything you have written in your response is true. It’s not only staggering that it is happening, but also staggering where the opposition could speak out, they’re nowhere to be seen.

      Where you say: ‘the difficulty I also have is this government’s failures could have been avoided had they listened to the scientific evidence and acted sooner’ – this is my difficulty also.

      That and the fact that being high risk, I am now permanently locked in my home, because with or without a vaccine, I can still catch Covid.

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