Through the Coronavirus

The more I reflect on where we are with the coronavirus, the more able to reconcile the reasons we got to this place, the more I shudder. We’ve not done ourselves any favours.

We must use this time in lock down to think about how we got to this place and must now change ourselves and our lifestyles. It’s not enough for us to think others will change therefore we don’t have to. We must all come through the coronavirus changed people, so future generations may have a life.

Global warming is our biggest threat. The use of our cars, how we can function in our homes better. We must start giving back. We must change our lifestyles because at the moment, we’re setting new generations up to fail, worse they may not even have their lives.

It is also important we use this time to think about the people who have selflessly given their lives to help save ours. We must think about the changes we need to make moving forward, so that we can make the natural world better.

I believe the lock down is continuing to give us time to reflect, for us to mentally and emotionally grow and to think about how we can change through the other end.

So, when you’re out in the grocery store think about whether you really need to fill your trolley. The more we are able to leave for others, we save another life. Please don’t fill your trolley for greed.

We must start thinking about others, particularly if their need is greater than ours, don’t forget to also think about yourself.

7 Apr, 2020

4 thoughts on “Through the Coronavirus

  1. There are many changes that need to be made for all of us to survive. It’s ridiculous, people are more concerned about hoarding toilet paper here in the US than they are about wearing a face mask and/or gloves.

    We have a lock down here in Maine for the month of April, but it seems like there is still as much traffic as there was before so people obviously don’t seem to care.

    They can’t all be going to work or grocery shopping, there are so many people refusing to follow the rules.

    If this was a much more extreme pandemic, we would all be dead by now since people aren’t using their common sense and aren’t keeping themselves safe.

    1. Thanks Randy. Too many people are needlessly losing their lives by flouting the rules and/or thinking it’s okay, the coronavirus won’t happen to me.

      We must all be more vigilant, follow the rules as set out by our respective Governments and use common sense at all times.

      I also think we must give our lives some thought through the other end, how we may live a more eco-friendly life, so our planet has chance to heal.

  2. There will be life beyond the virus, but it will be an opportunity lost if we have the same impact on the planet as we did before. If we can’t learn from this pandemic and understand the impact we’re having, then there really isn’t much hope for us.

    It is up to governments to ensure we do not return to pre-virus environmental damage, but move forward with a different perspective and respect.

    1. Yes, I agree with your thoughts, I would just add, it’s up to all of us to change moving forward, but agree countries and governments must have laws in place to accommodate our impact on the planet.

      Countries must also start to work together. It seems it’s every country and man for himself right now.

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