Time to heal

Yesterday I woke up to what was the beginning of a new world and one that I don’t recognise, because of the US election results.

I’m not sure how we ever got to this place, it all seems a little hazy now. Given Trump’s divisive and nasty election campaign with his on-going rhetoric, the result has considerably shaken the American psyche and political system, which no one has ever seen in the history of the American voting system.

On the back of the UK’s Brexit, America has voted for change in the shape of Donald J Trump, which has brought about elements of disbelief, concern and worry from the rest of the world and although the world looks very different now, with lots of uncertainties still to come, I still believe we must live with hope.

Time will tell how Trump’s presidency will work out for the world in the longer term over the next 4 years, only he knows how that will work out, but there’s one thing I am certain about, the world needs to heal. Individually we must heal and use reflection as a tool to see how we can do things differently next time, so that the world can now work on being less divided.

We must continue to strive for goodness, whilst we also continue to live with hope in our hearts that we can all work together for the good of mankind. The comparisons with the recent Brexit vote are clear, with parallels drawn against the establishment. It is perhaps unfortunate that lessons from the UK Brexit vote were not considered.

That said, the world must now work together through its many political, social, economic and environmental challenges and shared common values, to extend the bond and hand of international relations.

10 Nov, 2016

6 thoughts on “Time to heal

  1. Yes, it is definitely time to heal in my life and the rest of the world. The reality is that I have to focus on healing myself, since I can’t do much else, if I don’t work on that first.

    When I’m in the midst of my suffering, I’m not able to pay much attention to what’s going on in the outside world. It has become a very strange time now seeing as here in the US we are going to have Donald Trump as President, which is probably a shock to everyone.

    It does seem like he has good intentions, but we all know what the road to hell is paved with. Personally I just want to be able to get to a point where I actually do some good in my life, instead of just existing.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, you’re right, we must focus on healing ourselves first. Without healing ourselves it will be very difficult to help heal anyone else.

      I believe the world needs to heal now, given what’s happened around Brexit and now the American elections. Only time will tell how things will work out with Donald Trump as President, but it’s important we remain open mind and positive. In our personal lives we need to do the same.

  2. I am still trying to get my head around the election result that has put Donald Trump in the Whitehouse. I cannot think of anyone less qualified. How the Republican Party chose him as a candidate is still a mystery to me.

    I am beginning to understand the circumstances around him winning the election and in many respects, it’s now water under the bridge. The time now is to learn lessons and somehow for us to move on for the good of humanity.

    Whether that transpires in Mr Trumps presidency remains to be seen, but we must remain hopeful.

    1. Yes, I think the whole world’s trying to understand how America got to this place, particularly as there were so many things wrong with his campaign; the bigotry and racist remarks particularly.

      As you say though, Donald Trump has now been elected, there’s not much we can do about it, so it’s important we find a way to move forward, focused and remain hopeful.

      By being pro-active, I believe it’s a good way for us to heal.

  3. I respect the office of the presidency too much to heal right now, unless I get conversion therapy which is unlikely to happen.

    Or perhaps I just need time to swallow and sit with the absurdity of it; that may be a very long time, indeed.

    1. The world feels what you feel Tim. I think we’re all trying to come to understand the absurdity of the situation, but we cannot turn back the clock, all we can do is remain upbeat, steadfast and positive and hope Donald Trump’s presidency works out well.

      I take comfort from the fact that the world will be watching his every move and because the world is watching, he will hopefully come to tow the party line, as many Presidents before him have done also.

      His biggest problem is the fact that he’s totally unprepared for the life ahead, never having served in Government before. Watching the UK news yesterday, Trump’s meeting with Obama, showed a vulnerable, almost lost individual, completely vacant. An individual who clearly didn’t have a clue as to what he’d put himself up for and the task ahead.

      I’m sure you’ll find your own way to deal with this. Like the UK has had with Brexit, we just have to get on with it, not like or agree with it; but just get on.

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