Trust and truth

As a child, I didn’t know what trust or truth was, but I don’t think you do when you’re small. I didn’t stop to question trust or truth, instead I assumed both were in place. But I would rather have been told something I didn’t want to hear, than ignore the truth on what I needed to hear.

It is important we grow up with trust and truth in place; we need both for mental and emotional stability. It is important we can trust and hear the truth. We must be able to trust others to tell us the truth; trust and truth must start with family.

It is important we tell the truth no matter how difficult the truth is. On our part, we may be afraid to say what we want to say, for fear of offending. When it comes to us imparting the truth, others may expect us to agree with their opinions, and may take offence when what we say doesn’t tie in with what they think.

Others should trust us to speak the truth. We shouldn’t have to tell others something they want to hear just because it is too difficult for them to hear it. It doesn’t make what we’re saying the truth. But simply put, without truth there is no trust and without trust, there can be no truth.

23 Sep, 2019

4 thoughts on “Trust and truth

  1. It sounds like we grew up in the same kind of environment with the same kind of parents, which I’m sure is why we connected so well in the beginning.

    My parents forced us to trust them. They isolated us from other people and made us afraid of telling the truth. We were usually living under the dark cloud of being taken away from our family, which would have been enough to make anyone neurotic.

    Only recently have I been able to admit to myself what the truth of my life was and to accept that I have been punishing myself for so long because of mistakes that I made.

    The truth is that I’m only human and that the biggest mistake was made by my parents who forced us to live their lies.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes and yes, I can resonate with your experiences. Although no one goes to school to parent, the mistakes of our parents are the mistakes we make, unless we are able to correct them.

      Yes, it wasn’t your mistake, it was your parents’ mistake. Parents will make mistakes and that is accepted. I don’t think any parent gets their parenting right, one hundred per cent right, but where parents don’t try or they do something wittingly, I’m not sure where you stand on forgiveness.

      As parents, it’s our job to make sure our children trust and believe our truth and we are truthful. Both of those are as far as I am concerned, not open for debate.

  2. You have to trust someone, but beware of pigs dressed like ballerinas. I had to learn that the hard way by trusting disguises instead of my inner voice.

    The truth is, I didn’t know the difference between reality and illusion; sometimes I still have difficulty with that.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, the reality is how you want things to look the illusion is how you think things are, but not really knowing for sure.

      Using your intuition is the divide, between the two. When you work from your intuition (your inner voice) full time, you’ll know exactly who you can trust.

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