Turning back the clock

There would be no point even thinking about turning back the clock. With all my hardships, I couldn’t change my life, because others who initiated my experiences wouldn’t ever change.

It would only be worth our while turning back the clock if we know we could change certain aspects of our past, but how many of us would be in a position to do that? The reality of course is that we can’t turn back the clock, but we can change our perceptions on those experiences.

Turning back the clock doesn’t help, if the experiences we’d had could never change, even if we did go back. Perhaps then, we should only look back on our past so that we can learn from others’ mistakes and to change certain aspects of how we did things, so that we get to do things better in the future.

If like me there were things you would need to change for a less negative life, but you couldn’t change because others would need to change, thinking that they might, which is your reason for wanting to turn back the clock, would only serve to make you feel more miserable.

10 Nov, 2014

4 thoughts on “Turning back the clock

  1. I agree. Others would have to change or be out of our life so that we could change things.

    There are a lot of things I would do differently if I could go back. I would try harder in school, not be so rebellious and show the people I love more love. There’s just so much more, but there is no point in dwelling on it because we can’t go back.

    We CAN however go forward and make some things better, like showing our love for the people that matter to us. I’m going back to school and doing things differently this time.

    We can just do the best we can for the future.

  2. I agree. We can learn from yesterday but we have to accept that it’s gone and we can’t ever get that time again.

    It’s history and it isn’t coming back!

    1. Yes we must learn from yesterday. Our past is there for a reason. It’s the only thing we have to help us move on with our lives without us getting embroiled in our own personal battle.

      We can choose to dwell on all the negative aspects of our past, or we can choose to learn from our mistakes so that we shape the future we want. The choice is ours.

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