Two different perceptions

It is fascinating that two people can be brought up by the same parents, but have such different, and conflicting world views.

An object will always be the same, but each person’s view of that object will be different, as will their interpretation. The way we view people will often determine the way we will behave towards them, which is why brothers or sisters will never see the world and their parents in the same way. It may sometimes work against us.

It is our personalities that make us different from each other: the way we think, feel and act, how we problem-solve, how we express ourselves. How we perceive a problem is usually the key to how we will solve it.

The way we perceive ourselves will determine how effectively we deal with our issues, our lives and career choices. Perceptions form the basis of our attitudes, judgments, decisions and emotions. Perceptions may also turn us against each other, especially when it comes to siblings and families, but we should try to fight against that. Instead, we should use our perceptions as ways to be empowered.

When we come to understand that we all have different ways of interacting with the world, we can utilise that knowledge to create a more complete and empathetic understanding of ourselves and each other.

7 Jul, 2011

6 thoughts on “Two different perceptions

  1. Good post. I agree with you, especially about siblings having different perceptions. My sister and I agree on most things but there is also a lot we disagree on.

    1. Yes of course. The only problem Lisa is if those disagreements begin to interfere with the relationship. In many circumstances they do. Thanks for posting.

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