UK’s handling of Covid-19

Living with the pandemic has sent my anxiety into overdrive and with autism, I still have my struggle days. It’s difficult, because for every reason you tell yourself you can do something, you’ve already given yourself ten reasons why you can’t.

With a normal thinking brain, issues are slightly easier to navigate. In Covid-19, a normal thinking brain will say let’s get on with it, it’s here, an autistic brain will struggle to comprehend or move forward, until it feels right.

It is even more irritating, because as I watch on I am completely helpless. As the UK government are bringing the measures put in place to an end, for those like me who are still high risk, it is clear we will struggle without precautionary measures in place.

Since the beginning of Covid-19, I have struggled to make sense of the PM’s logic. I would be continuing to be more cautious for the foreseeable future, to ask the public to continue to wear masks and social distance where necessary.

The Delta variant of the virus is accepted to be out of control here in the UK, and the government knows this dramatic change of policy is a huge gamble, which may or may not pay off, but still they press ahead.

Scotland are using the next month to monitor any data with some of the measures still in place and given the enormity of the pandemic, it is the right thing to do. In England, without any measures, we will now watch those Covid-19 cases rise.

Professor of psychology, Stephen Reicher at University of St Andrews said yesterday he prays his advice that the decision to lift lock-down measures in the UK is wrong, because of the probability this will directly lead to a rapid and uncontrolled escalation in infections, serious illness and hospital admissions.

Once again, the UK government’s decision to press ahead and open up the UK, is another huge gamble based on politics, not on science.

6 Jul, 2021

2 thoughts on “UK’s handling of Covid-19

  1. Thank you for highlight the issues around Covid-19. Yes, the news is even more concerning today. The Uk health minister has now said, the government expects the current 25,000 case/day to rise as high as 100,000/day in the next few months, as the consequences of easing all measures kicks in. This figure is unthinkable.

    Essentially this means that the government has taken this step knowingly and in ignorance of scientists like Stephen Reicher. Words fail me.

    Other countries at the forefront of tackling the virus have reintroduced measures after cases have risen in response to easing, and I pray that we will experience the same back-tracking here in the UK.

    Until then as your life is on hold, mine is also. The government have done the unthinkable.

    1. In Eleven years since I started my blog I have never been lost for words, but today is different.

      I am struggling to find the words. I feel numb, it’s incredulous that anyone would actually do this.

      There are no words.

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