Uncertain times

I should have felt elated having completed 1,000 blogs. Yesterday was a milestone for me, but it didn’t really feel like one.

There seems to be an undercurrent pulling me in different directions to where I want to go, with lots of uncertainty still around me. More now than ever as the situation with my father is very uncertain.

I am tired of things not being right: 2006 seemed to be a good year, but it’s been downhill after that.

29 Jan, 2013

6 thoughts on “Uncertain times

  1. I’m sorry you are having such hard times. Dealing with families are one of the most difficult situations to deal with. I think families should be the biggest support systems we have, but that’s not the case a lot of the time.

    They are notorious for being nice and loving to your face, but as soon as we turn our backs there is trouble. We just have to hang in there, do what is right for us because most of the time someone is just trying to provoke us to anger and resentment.

    We shouldn’t give them the satisfaction.

    1. You’re right Lisa, families often can when their issues begin to take precedent over us and we’re expected to fall into line.

      Today isn’t a great day so I’m looking forward. Tomorrow is another day, another chance to think positive thoughts in the hope that something gets turned around.

  2. Congratulations on your 1,000th blog Ilana. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to accomplish this. Your family issues never seem to dampen your spirit, your posts always seem uplifting and helpful.

    I pray that your family issues ease up a bit. I’m glad to see when you need to take a step back and regroup you do just that.

    You are so strong and admire you for that!!

  3. In time you have to believe that all of this bad stuff will end and life will be good again. Never lose hope. That is what kept me going through my mother’s illness.

    It is difficult but I know you will get through this.

    1. Thanks Randy. I too believe I will, it just doesn’t feel like I will! Thinking positive thoughts. I know this will pass.

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