Unconscious reckoning

Our unconscious thoughts play their part in our conscious every day conversations. For example, resentment provoked by angry conflicts between two people, will automatically encapsulate into feelings of enmity that go back further than the presenting disagreement.

The strong reaction of resentment almost always never appears to be warranted by what starts it off. Sadly, it’s usually the product of something outstanding in our unconscious thoughts that presents itself to us that should never be intentioned for anyone else.

They’re our resentments, those resentments should only be intended for and dealt with by us.

25 Oct, 2014

4 thoughts on “Unconscious reckoning

  1. I agree. We often escalate things in our minds over a period of time. I’ve made mountains out of molehills by allowing my unconscious thoughts to run amok.

    And so we carry concealed resentment from one experience to another and innocent people sometimes get hurt by that.

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